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5 activities for dog dads to enjoy with their pups this father's day

5 activities for dog dads to enjoy with their pups this father's day

Dog moms get all the glory but don’t people realize that men can be dog parents too? June 19th is father’s day and dog dads should be able to celebrate too… even if their children have 4 legs and are a little furrier than the average human kid. Check out our Kabo guide on the perfect way for dog dads to spend fathers day.

Take your dog fishing

What’s a more stereotypical dad activity than fishing? Cast yourself a line, crack a cold beer and enjoy the day with your dog. Check out these few tips from The Castaways on The River for how to keep your dog safe on a fathers day fish trip:

Practice fishing safety

Dogs are creatures with a short attention span and can sometimes be distracted by the smallest things. The flash of a fishing hook is enough to entice them. To avoid your dog getting hooked, make sure to close your tackle box and watch your dog’s location while casting.


golden retriever looking at a trout in a stream

Keep a water bowl handy

It can be hot while out on the boat. To avoid dehydration, make sure you have plenty of clean drinking water for both you and your pup. If you are limited on space, a collapsible water dish might be your best bet.

Bathroom breaks

Not all of us can simply pee off the side of the boat. You may need to dock your raft every couple of hours so your dog can relieve themselves.

Life jackets for everyone

The first lesson in boat safety is to wear a life jacket. This also includes a life jacket for your dog. Even if you have a dog that is a good swimmer, it is good to have one with you just in case.

pitbull in a canoe with a life jacket on

Need a suggestion on a good fishing spot? Luckily Canada has the most fresh water of any other country. That means there is no shortage of fishing holes in the great white north! Check out Fish Booker’s list of some of our favorites to hit up with your furry friend:

  • Great Slave Lake, North West Territories

Known for: Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Whitefish

  • Lake Ontario, Ontario

Known for: Coho and Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Brown, and Lake Trout

  • Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan

Known for: Rainbow Trout

  • North Lake, Prince Edward Island

Known for: Giant Bluefin Tuna

  • Campbell River, British Columbia

Known for: All five species of Salmon

  • Bow River, Alberta

Known for: Brown trout

border collie looking at his owner putting a fish hook on his rod

Host a backyard bbq

What better way to celebrate a sunny father’s day weekend than with a bbq? By making it a dog friendly bbq of course! Invite all your buddies and their dogs. Fire up the grill and get to cooking. 

terrier looking at hamburgers on a grill

Need a doggy safe food for the bbq? Check out our recipe for the perfect puppy slider:

Dog safe sliders for the bbq



  • Slice lettuce and tomato
  • Mix Kabo Savoury Beef Recipe with egg
  • Form into slider sized patties
  • Fry on the grill for 2-3 minutes on each side.
  • Assemble all ingredients onto your slider bun
  • Serve to a hungry pup!
lab with a bbq burger in his mouth

Visit a brewery

Crack a cold one with your pup. Canada has no shortage of great craft breweries and there is no shortage of pet friendly ones! Check out our lists of the best pet friendly breweries in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver:

dog laying on a patio with his owner

Toronto dog friendly breweries 

As Torontonians know, there are many local breweries in and around the GTA that are very dog-friendly. Enjoy a craft beer in the GTA with your pup while listening to the soothing sounds of Leafs fans complaining about their most recent losing streak.

  • Leftfield Brewery

Address: 36 Wagstaff Drive

  • Black Lab Brewing

Address: 818 Eastern Avenue

  • Saulter Street Brewery

Address: 31 Saulter Street #1

  • Halo Brewery

Address: 247 Wallace Ave

  • People’s Pint

Address:90 Cawthra Ave, Unit 101

  • Henderson Brewery

Address: 128A Sterling Road

  • Rouge River Brewing Company

Location: 50 Bullock Drive, Unit 8

  • Common Good Beer

Location: 475 Ellesmere Road

  • Big Rock Brewery Etobicoke

Location: 120 N Queen Street

  • Great Lakes Brewing Company

Location: 30 Elizabeth Blvd

black lab brewing dog at the brewery

Calgary dog friendly breweries 

Stampede is not the only thing to love about Calgary. Two step on over to one of the local dog friendly breweries and enjoy a pint with your pup!

  • Bitter Sisters Brewing Co.

Address: 510 Heritage Drive SW

  • Prairie Dog Brewing

Address: 105D 58 Ave SE

  • Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co.

Address: 1103 12 Street SE

  • Marda Loop Brewing Company Inc.

Address: 3523 18 Street SW

  • Common Crown Brewing Co

Address: 943 28 St NE

dogs and people enjoying cold garden brewery in Calgary

Vancouver dog friendly breweries 

Vancouver is one of the trendiest cities in the world and what’s more trendy than sitting on a patio with your pup and enjoying a cold beer on tap? Just make sure to always bring your umbrella as Vancouver is known to get a drop of rain or two…

  • Black Kettle Brewing Company 

Address: 720 Copping St

  • Trading Post - Tasting Room Patio

Address: 20120 64 Ave #107

  • Dogwood Brewing

Address: 8284 Sherbrooke St

  • Faculty Brewing Co.

Address: 1830 Ontario St

  • Field House Brewing

Address: 2281 W. Railway Street

people and dogs outside enjoying a patio

Head out for a hike

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We have no shortages of natural wonders and each province offers its own unique experience. Leash your dog up and take them for a day hike in one of Canada’s many national parks. Make sure to pack your pup an easy grab-and-go Monch Bar so they don’t get too hungry and some clean water to keep them from getting dehydrated!

Check out our list of the best hikes in each province:

cocker spaniel on top of a mountain

Take a nap on the couch

Sometimes the best things in life are while you’re doing nothing at all.Spend some quality time with your pup by simply kicking up your feet and taking a lang snooze on the couch together.

man and his small dog napping on the couch

 Man with a beard high fiving his terrier while out on the lake
 Man with a beard high fiving his terrier while out on the lake

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