Our guide to transitioning and feeding your dog Kabo

What you'll get in each box

Depending on the delivery frequency that you choose (every 2 weeks or 4 weeks) you will get either 14 or 28 packs of Kabo with each box. These packs are perfectly portioned to meet the daily nutritional needs of your dog, so be sure to feed them one pack per day! If your dog eats twice a day, use half a pack per meal.

Feeding tip: You can microwave the food for 25-30 seconds to bring out the aroma. That’ll make sure your dog is EXTRA excited at meal time!

How to Transition into Full Kabo Meals

Transitioning from commercially processed food to freshly cooked food is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your dog's health. Like us humans, some dogs may need a few days to transition from their old food to freshly cooked, all-natural Kabo. While this varies for each dog, we recommend slowly introducing Kabo over 7 days to ensure a nice smooth transition.

Your first Kabo box will come with a welcome card explaining how the transition works. But just in case you’re eager to learn about transitioning, here’s how it works.

Days 1 & 2

75% old food
25% Kabo

Days 3 & 4

50% old food
50% Kabo

Days 5 & 6

25% old food
75% Kabo

Day 7 Onwards

100% freshly
cooked Kabo!

Feeding tip: For days 1-6, make sure to mix the Kabo food in thoroughly with your dog's current food. Or else your dog may eat all the Kabo, and none of the old food!

Your job is also to be on poop watch 💩. If you’re seeing loose stool or any signs of upset stomach, don’t worry! It just means your buddy needs a little more time transitioning. Simply increase the ratio of old food to Kabo and take it slowly.

How to feed Kabo as a Meal Topper

This only applies to our customers who have selected the Topper option. This is a great choice if you want to give your dog the boost of Kabo nutrients while keeping them mostly on their current diet. Our topper packs are portioned to 25% of your dog's daily nutritional requirements. Simply mix each pack with 75% of their current food and you're good to go — no need to transition.

Still have questions? No worries, chat with our Canine Nutritionist.