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10 of the best dog-friendly breweries in Toronto and around the GTA

Summer is nearing and that means only one thing. All Torontonians know it’s patio season, and what makes patio season more enjoyable? Having a dog-friendly patio, of course. Luckily Torontonians don’t have to worry, as many local breweries in and around the GTA are very dog-friendly. We’ve done the research and here are the top 5 dog-friendly breweries to visit this summer!

We’ve split these dog-friendly breweries in Toronto by area, whether you live in the east end closer to the beaches or in the west end, our guide covers it all! To all pet owners who do plan on bringing their furry friends to the following locations, gentle reminder that breweries that serve food may not be dog-friendly for food and health safety reasons. 

3 East End Dog-Friendly Breweries 

  1. Leftfield Brewery

Address: 36 Wagstaff Drive

Located in the heart of Leslieville, most local Torontonians stop by for a brew or two. This intimate little brewery welcomes you and your furry friends! Originally established in 2013, most known for their brew series of baseball-inspired beers, Leftfield brewery even has a fully stocked for you to pick up some brews for the road.

Left Field Brewery bottle shop with customers

  1. Black Lab Brewing

Address: 818 Eastern Avenue

Another Leslieville brewery that opened it’s doors back in 2018 with one purpose only. To create a space that provides high-quality beers to share with family and friends to enjoy. Black Lab is one of the most well-known local pet-friendly breweries, where they encourage you to bring your companion along with a mid-day brew. 

One thing to highlight about Black Lab specifically is they offer a rotational menu with pop-up food stands, aling with a bottle shop, front patio, and a beer garden!

Black Lab Brewing outdoor patio seating and facade

  1. Saulter Street Brewery

Address: 31 Saulter Street #1

Determined to change the way people think about craft beer, Saulter Street Brewery is tucked away behind local homes and is a surprise to many to find a brewery disguised as an old barn. This brewery is known for its friendly atmosphere and highly encourages you to have your dog tag along. Just make sure you bring a leash!

Saulter Street Brewery front facade with red barn doors

3 of the Most Popular West End Dog-Friendly Breweries 

  1. Halo Brewery

Address: 247 Wallace Ave

With a beautiful patio, taproom and bottle shop this West End brewery can’t compete! Not only do they serve and produce thirst-quenching brews, but their patio is also pet-friendly, for the whole gang to join. 

Halo Brewery exterior with patio

  1. People’s Pint

Address:90 Cawthra Ave, Unit 101

People’s Pint Brewery is home to local brewers and brew nerds who enjoy exotic collaborations. This particular brewery is great if you’re an amateur looking to explore the world of beer. 

  1. Henderson Brewery

Address: 128A Sterling Road

Home to a few award-winning beers, Henderson Brewing Company opened it’s doors in 2016 in the lower Junction Triangle, one of the most anticipated ares in the city! With everything brewed in house from IPA’s to stouts, Henderson Brewing Company appeals to all. Their patio is located just outside and is indeed dog friendly, so bring your pups!

Henderson Brewery exterior

Dog-Friendly Breweries in the GTA

  1. Rouge River Brewing Company

Location: 50 Bullock Drive, Unit 8

Opening in 2016, Rouge River Brewery is a small independent craft brewery focussed on modernizing classic beer styles. Located in the city of Markham, this hidden brewery is a hit with locals and is dog friendly inside! 

  1. Common Good Beer

Location: 475 Ellesmere Road

Looking for a quick pitstop with your dog? Common Good Beer is known to have a lovely atmosphere, delicious beer, and is incredibly dog friendly! They even have a doggo on-site to greet customers. 

  1. Big Rock Brewery Etobicoke

Location: 120 N Queen Street

Enjoy the best of Big Rock at Big Rock Brewery where you, your friends and your dog can enjoy a brew on the patio or in their spacious taproom! If Etobicoke is too far, Big Rock has recently opened another location in Toronto’s Liberty Village. What are you waiting for? Grab your dog and go!

  1. Great Lakes Brewing Company

Location: 30 Elizabeth Blvd

No introduction needed for this last brewery. We’ve all seen their cans at our local LCBO! What’s great about this particular brewery is their patio. It’s insanely spacious and of course, dog friendly! They ask that all pet parents keep their dog on a leash at all times and the brewery will have water bowls for your dog upon arrival. 

Are we missing a brewery that you love? DM us through Instagram for new submissions!

Toronto craft beer neon sign lit up in the dark
Toronto craft beer neon sign lit up in the dark

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