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Top 5 of the most popular dog-friendly breweries in Calgary to visit this summer

Pet parents and dog lovers can’t wait to take their companions to a local patio. Once the brutal winter and rainy spring disappear, it’s just sunshine, craft breweries, and beers on tap. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 breweries to visit in Calgary. Make sure you stop by with your doggo this summer and get that summer tan on (for you and your dog) and some quality beer of course!


We’d like to remind everyone that all dogs must be kept on a leash at all times for the safety of your dog and the staff working.

  1. Bitter Sisters Brewing Co.

Address: 510 Heritage Drive SW

This family-owned brewery in our opinion is the most underrated. From Thursday Trivia nights to the minimal design of the taproom, this brewery should be on your list to visit in Calgary. Bitter Sisters also has a patio where dogs are allowed but they do have a few house rules when bringing your dog:


  • You can’t feed your dog on the patio
  • Your dog must be licensed with the city of Calgary
  • Dogs cannot be left unattended
  • Please clean up after your dog
  • Must be on a leash at all times

Bitter Sisters Brewing Co outdoor patio

  1. Prairie Dog Brewing

Address: 105D 58 Ave SE

Founded by a group of restauranteurs and brewmasters, Prairie Dog Brewery is another family-owned brewery founded by 2 families’ love of food and beer. With a super friendly atmosphere, Prairie Dog Brewing has a dog friendly patio that we’re sure you and your dog will love!!

Prairie Dog Brewing front facade

  1. Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co.

Address: 1103 12 Street SE

This beautifully branded brewery is awarded the best brewpub runner-up in 2021 and if it were up to us, it’d be a winner! Ol’ Beautiful Brewing pays homage to the older ways of doing things and embraces imperfection. Their dog-friendly patio is only one of many reasons why we’ve included them on the list. If you’re looking for a place to stop, hit up Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Company!

Ol' Beautiful Brewing Co interior

  1. Marda Loop Brewing Company Inc.

Address: 3523 18 Street SW

Marda Loop Brewing started like any other, with a curiosity about homemade beer. The goal was simple, to bring quality craft beer and the local community into an atmosphere where people come together “over a pint”. Dreams turn into reality and here they are in 2022 with an amazing atmosphere that’s family-friendly and most importantly pet friendly!

Marda Loop Brewing Company interior

  1. Common Crown Brewing Co

Address: 943 28 St NE

Founded by 2 brothers and their good friend, Common Crown Brewing Company is a reflection of love, craft beer, and everything social. Good times and great conversations are the entire purpose of Common Crown Brewing. If you don’t already know, Common Crown Brewing has a dog friendly patio, great for a family outing!

Common Crown Brewing Co interior

Have a favourite dog-friendly brewery that you don’t see on the list? DM us on Instagram for new submissions!

Beer light bulb sign lit up on a cloudy day
Beer light bulb sign lit up on a cloudy day

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