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Why Toronto Dog Parents Love Trinity Bellwoods’ Dog Bowl Specialty Pet Shop

Get to Know The Dog Bowl

I live in Trinity Bellwoods and would like to buy my dog organic pumpkin treats and a goat horn natural chew, along with fresh fair trade organic roast coffee beans for myself. Where should I go? The answer is simple… Dundas West’s one-stop specialty pet food and supply shop - The Dog Bowl!

3 reasons why dog parent’s love The Dog Bowl:

  • The most current and on trend dog gear inventory complementing the contemporary stylish feel of the shop
  • A wide variety of dog food options including raw, dry, dehydrated, cooked, and kibble, with a  knowledgeable team able to guide you through the benefits of each 
  • Buy a bag of The Dog Bowl’s dehydrated chicken hearts, and 100% of the proceeds go towards Surfers for Strays Spay & Neuter clinics

Browse through the meticulously selected pet supplies and food offered at The Dog Bowl, with no doubt that you end up leaving the shop with the best suited goods for your dog-child. New pet parent? Confused as to why there are so many dog food options? No worries. The friendly and knowledgeable team at The Dog Bowl will alleviate any overwhelming feelings by answering questions and help you feel confident in your purchase. The Dog Bowl is a true representation of local, specialty, and community driven, where they equip customers with anything one may need in order to provide your dog a happy and healthy life that they deserve. 

Soon to be your Sunday morning stroll of choice, The Dog Bowl has the perfect location!

  • Address: 984 Dundas Street W, Toronto,  
  • Across the street from Trinity Bellwoods Park with off-leash dog area

Open every day of the week;

  • Monday to Friday: 10am-7pm
  • Saturday: 10am-6pm
  • Sunday: 10am-6pm

If you happen to be coming from further away, no stress;

  • Free (1hr) parking on Dundas Street
  • Free (1hr) parking on surrounding side streets 

The handsome and trendy exterior of The Dog Bowl pet food and supply shop will draw you in to experience what you’ll soon be referring to as a  “dog foodie’s heaven”. Maybe it will remind you of a hipster-chic coffee shop. That may be due to the fact that The Dog Bowl location was once a quaint coffee shop serving people of all walks of life and now serves freshly roasted coffee beans for pet parents. Opened in 2012 by owner Jason Squires, 984 Dundas St W is fittingly now home to the trendiest pet business in town. Jason makes it known that he is sure to only carry products that he would buy for his own dog! 


There are many noteworthy products and brands inside The Dog Bowl that you’ll have to be sure to check out next time you are in the Dundas west area. Maybe the idea of walking home while carrying 30 pounds of dog food, all while holding onto your dog's leash doesn't sound like a boat load of fun. No worries, The Dog Bowl delivers locally!

Delivery - Yes 

  • Local delivery within 7km radius of the store
  • Delivery dates: Monday, Wednesday Friday between 11am-8pm
  • Fuel Surcharge of $5 on each delivery
  • Ensure to be home if you have frozen items being delivered

Grooming Services - No

Veterinary Services - No

Parking - Yes (Free street parking)

Online Order - Yes (For curb-side pickup or local delivery)

Gear & Supplies

The Dog Bowl has all the latest and greatest in a wide range of specialty pet supplies. Just take a look at the Ruffwear's Knot-a-Leash on the gear wall inside the shop. Inspired by climbing ropes and carabiners, you and your dog will be suited for everything from hikes to walks around Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhoods.

Grooming & Bathing Supplies - Yes

First-Aid & Emergency Supplies - Yes

Beds - Yes 

Crates - Yes

Gear - Yes

Toys - Yes

Dog Food, Treats & Chews

At The Dog Bowl you will find a great variety of gourmet dog food that will fit your dog's needs. Whether she is a picky eater, devours every meal, or is a young puppy in need of nutrient rich food, you can find it here!

Raw - Yes

Kibble - Yes

Cooked - Yes

Dehydrated - Yes

Canned - Yes

Supplements - Yes

Toppers - Yes

Chews - Yes (Bones, antlers, tendons, and more!)

Non-Dog Food - Yes (Cat Food)

Store Highlight: Dog Friendly Ice Cream

We all have our moments of weakness where we crave a chocolatey, caramel oozing ice cream so we contemplate heading over to Sweet Jesus Ice Cream to cure the craving. However, the best feeling of all is when you discover a treat that tastes like all the bad sugars and sweets you desire, yet provides you with healthy protein and natural sugars that our body needs. That is what Canadian Barkerandsnouts provides, however, it’s for our dogs! They create a locally made, all natural organic dog friendly ice cream which is conveniently sold at The Dog Bowl. 

All Dogs & Dog Lovers Welcome

Alright, so what are you waiting for? Grab your pup, your hipster tote bag, and head over to The Dog Bowl. Jason ensures that when sourcing products, it is about finding recipes with unprocessed ingredients or gear with most durable materials. Additionally, supporting fellow Canadian owned businesses and knowing that the freshest ingredients and materials are being sourced not-so-far from home adds that extra layer of confidence when making a purchase. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome!

Store Front of The Dog Bowl
Store Front of The Dog Bowl

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