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My Dog Is a Picky Eater

Yes, a dog can be a picky eater, but until you have one on your hands, you probably wouldn’t realize that it’s a possibility. While figuring out what to feed your dog could be frustrating or difficult to deal with, the reality is that several reasonable solutions could significantly help your dog.

If you consider your dog a picky eater, you probably have several crucial questions that you want answered. 

For one, you might be wondering why on earth your dog is a picky eater? Did something cause it, or were they always this way? What could be to blame for their eating habits?

Secondly, you are likely wondering how you can tackle fixing your dog’s picky eating habits. While, as a loving dog owner, you want to make your pet happy with the food you feed them, it’s simply impossible to cook up gourmet meals for your dog all the time. But don’t worry: there’s a better way.

Today, you’re going to get answers to all of your questions regarding your pet’s picky eating habits. Continue reading to learn more about ways that you can help your pup break free of their old ways and dive into why Kabo is the best solution to help.

Why Is My Pup a Picky Eater, and How Can I Tell?

When attempting to figure out why your dog is a picky eater, you should first investigate if your dog is behaving abnormally. If their diet recently changed and they are suddenly not enjoying foods they always loved, you might want to see a vet check in about your dog’s health.

Dogs have different opinions on food. Some dogs enjoy eating and would do it as a hobby if they could, and others just eat as much as they need to sustain life. Sometimes, dogs that fall into the latter category are misunderstood as “picky eaters.” 

Your dog’s eating habits are intricately connected to their genetics, as some breeds have bigger appetites than others do. However, the environment also plays a role in your dog’s dietary habits. 

If you are trying to decide if your dog qualifies as a picky eater, think about the last time you fed them. How long did it take for your pet to empty their food bowl? Dogs that do not eat all of their food within about 20 minutes of being given it tend to be “picky eaters.” 

Another indicator that your dog could be considered a picky eater is their discretion when it comes to food. When dogs refuse to eat their kibble but are content to have human table scraps, this also suggests that your dog might be a picky eater.

If you are concerned about your dog’s eating habits, the first thing that you should do is take them to a vet to confirm that there is nothing medically wrong with them. If your pet has any sort of change in appetite that persists for more than 72 hours, consult a vet to get their opinion on an appropriate course of action. 

Truthfully, pet owners could also be to blame for creating a picky eater. If you provide your dog with a massive variety of food options, you can create a fussy dog. Sometimes, when you give your dog too much variety, you are enabling them to become picky. That’s why you should be mindful of what you feed your dog. If they know that there’s better out there, they’re not going to want to eat their same old food. Kabo can help with that.

How Can I Fix My Dog’s Picky Eating Habits?

While feeding your dog seems fairly obvious, the way you feed your pet can impact how much of the food they eat. You can include certain tricks in your feeding plan that can help you fix your dog’s picky eating habits. 

The best way to tackle picky eating is to craft a consistent feeding routine for your pet and stick to it. You should select a mealtime and try to get your dog on a routine. Eventually, they will begin to expect a meal at that time every day. Stick to this, and you might see a change in your dog’s eating habits. 

The next tip is to leave your pup’s food out for just 15 to 20 minutes. Keeping the window of time that your dog has to eat brief will encourage them to have their kibble. In addition to this, you should take their bowl away—even if they do not eat anything. This proves a point. Wait until your dog’s next scheduled feeding time to provide them with additional food or treats. 

You should never leave your dog’s food out for several reasons. For one, it encourages your dog to develop poor eating habits. In addition, it’s unsanitary to leave food sitting out. Stick to the 15 to 20-minute window and you might begin to see success.

You can also ensure that your dog has food that they actually enjoy eating. Perhaps your dog is picky because the food that you have provided them isn’t tasty. Find food that they look forward to eating, and mealtime will become more of a breeze.

Why Kabo is the Best Solution for Dogs Who Are Picky About Their Food

If your dog is a picky eater, we want to introduce you to Kabo, which could be the one thing that will make a difference for your dog with a fussy palate. Kabo’s mission is to provide food that helps your dog live a happier, healthier, and longer life. We believe in farm-to-dog, which means your pet’s food will always be fresh. 

We are different because we are a food subscription service. You will get pre-portioned, healthy, and delicious dog meals delivered right to your front doorstep. Kabo is customizable to your dog, and we are passionate about delivering food that your dog is going to love. To begin, we ask you to fill out a quick questionnaire about your pup. 

From there, Kabo will recommend a meal plan based on the dog’s weight, activity, age, and breed. You can choose two recipes for your dog to get delivered, and voila! These pre-portioned meals will arrive on your doorstep. They are tasty and all-natural—ideal for even the pickiest of eaters. 

Kabo’s diets are freshly cooked, similar to the meals that you feed yourself at home, but much easier. It is not necessary to spend hours making food at home for your picky eater pup anymore; now, your dog’s delicious, healthy food will be delivered to your home without the hassle. 

Kabo’s meals are a better option than home-cooking food for your pet. While home-cooked meals are tasty for your dog, they are often nutritionally deficient, which will harm your pet in the long run. Now, you can have the best of both worlds with Kabo. 

Fresh-cooked also means that there is a reduced chance of potentially harmful bacteria. Kabo has fresh kibble that is held to our high standards of quality. You can investigate this as an option if your picky eater prefers it! Plus, our kibble only has the best ingredients

Some More Helpful Information About Kabo

Because Kabo’s meals are created for your dog, you can rest assured that your dog is getting the nutritional elements they need while also enjoying their food. It’s a win-win for both you and your pet. Gone are the days of full food bowls and picky pups. Kabo will help your dog clear their dish in a matter of minutes. 

Kabo’s food is created with the insight of pet nutritionists, who develop healthy, balanced, and tasty recipes for dogs no matter what stage of life they are in. We help ensure that your dog will get the proper nutrients that they require. The best part? It will never feel like a chore for your dog. 

Kabo is the best solution for pups who are picky about the food that they eat. Try Kabo and you will notice the difference for your dog. Kabo can make a positive impact on your pet’s digestion, stool, coat, vitality, immunity, and eye health. Give Kabo a try today and see how it can help your dog live their happiest, healthiest life possible. 

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