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Dog friendly vacation rentals in Alberta, we think your dog will adore!

Vacationing with your dog has never been easier. With more and more spaces and places accepting dogs, you can include them in your routines, even going on vacation with them. 

If you’re looking to Alberta as the backdrop for your next vacation (nice choice BTW), you’ll find a wealth of recreation and fun activities for both you and your dog- including some great dog friendly breweries in Calgary

Traveling with your pup can be extremely rewarding and great for avoiding kennels or unfamiliar people or homes. That said, a few missteps in planning can ruin an otherwise amazing experience. 



Pen hovering over paper with an I agree checkbox

Nowadays, most cottage and vacation rental booking sites offer a pet or dog option when sniffing out pet friendly rentals. I’m partial to the Airbnb option for adding pets to your search- it works just like adding a guest- plunk the number of dogs/pets you’ll be bringing, and you’ll get results that take that into consideration. VRBO offers a simple yes/no to pet inclusion on their website, which is serviceable.

One booking site that is growing in popularity is There you can find dog friendly hotels, restaurants, activities and more. 

Illustration of a dog and logos from Airbnb, VRBO and Bring Fido

However you book, take notice of the pet policy and declare all dogs to the owner when renting. This will reduce the chances of excess cleaning fees or a stressful situation when you're trying to enjoy sandy beaches. 

White dog sitting on rocks next to lake Louise

Planning ahead for dirty and wet dogs while away is a must. Whether it’s a dip in a glacial lake, rolling around in something new, or out on the hiking trails, these activities beckon dogs to dirt. Honestly, just assume they'll get muddy so bring extra dog towels and a trusty brush! Ticks can be a problem for our furry friends, check with your vet for preventative measures.  

8 Alberta Vacation rentals your dog would choose for outdoor adventure:

  1. Turner Valley Farmhouse
  2. Calgary Riverfront
  3. Monarch Cabin
  4. Drayton Valley Cabin
  5. Canmore Condo
  6. Camrose Lakeside Home
  7. Thorsby Creekside Cabin
  8. Lac Sante Waterfront Cabin

When renting a vacation home and bringing a pet remember these 7 pro tips: 

  1. Declare any pets you'll have with you to the property owners
  2. Check the pet and dog specific policies. Some places only allow one, or small dogs only.
  3. Review the cleaning or service fee. Is it reasonable if your dog is messy?
  4. Look for nearby parks or other outdoor spaces before booking- especially in urban areas.
  5. Will your dog or pet cause damage when left unattended? These kinds of bills add up!!
  6. Is there an animal hospital nearby the vacation rental?
  7. Travel with a pet emergency medical kit. 

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