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What are some dog friendly stores in Canada?

We all wish that we could just spend all day with our dogs. Unfortunately life gets in the way and we have to leave our dogs to go to work and run errands. Good news is that more and more stores are becoming pet friendly! Here are a few establishments that will welcome your furbaby with open arms.

Home goods and clothing stores

Need a nice vase or a new sweater? Your dog may provide some valuable insight on which option to choose. 

TJX companies inc is the corporation that owns Winners, Homesense and Marshalls. They sell a variety of retail products including clothing, home decor, stationary and even pet products! The staff are also excited to see the shopping doggos and are equipped with treats for the hungry pups.

Bed, Bath and Beyond is a home goods company that sells anything from home decor to cooking supplies and bedding. Your dog will love to walk around with you while you shop for a new frying pan!

Chihuahua sitting inside Bed, Bath & Beyond shopping cart

Home improvement centres

Surprisingly there are a number of home improvement stores that accept canine customers. Perhaps dogs make good trades people?

Canadian Tire is a Canadian classic. More than just a home improvement store, they also sell outdoors equipment, vehicle supplies and plants. Your dog will be happy to pick out a new bike for adventures!

German Shepherd laying down in front of Canadian Tire baskets

Home Depot is a home improvement haven. Obviously a dog’s insight is needed on which light fixture is the right one for your home reno.

Group of different dogs wearing Home Depot aprons smiling with tongue out

Garden centres

Who knows more about plants and trees than the dogs that pee on them? Many garden centres will welcome your doggy friends. Visiting a plant store and supporting local businesses is a great option for those Canadian winters when it’s too cold to go for a walk!

Jack Russell Terrier holding tools and wheelbarrow near poppy flowers

Restaurants & cafes

In the past, you would never see dogs in a restaurant. It seems nowadays that more and more restaurants are welcoming dogs onto their outdoor patio. Check out which restaurants in your area have pet friendly patios and enjoy a great meal with your pup. Some restaurants even have a dog menu with canine safe meals!

Curious dog in the cafe Young man with labrador retriever in the cafe. Curious dog looking on the table with sweet waffles of the his owner

Pet stores

Probably the least surprising pet friendly stores are pet stores. Spoil your dog with some snacks, toys and a new bed. With the option to bring your dog in the store, they can even choose which ones they want! This is your dog's opportunity to spend all of your hard earned cash.

There are a number of chain pet stores that you can bring your dog into like Petsmart, Petvalue and Petland but also remember to check out the local ones as well!

Cute Border Collie in pet store with big dog bone Cute Border Collie in pet store with big dog bone sitting in the toy aisle

Ultimately, we all want to spend more time with our dogs. Taking your dog to a dog friendly establishment is great enrichment for them and a fun way to bond with your dog. Another good resource to use is They have a database and rating system of all the dog friendly stores in a certain area. Check it out and take your dog on an small adventure! *Please remember that the stores listed in this blog may be location dependent! If you are unsure if a store is pet friendly, always call ahead!

Dog shopping
Dog shopping

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