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Top 10 Best Dog Groomers and Spas in the GTA

Top 10 Best Dog Groomers and Spas in the GTA

Welcoming a four-legged friend into your home comes with the joy of companionship and, of course, the responsibility of keeping them well-groomed. In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), there's no shortage of talented and caring dog groomers ready to pamper your pooch. Here's a curated list of 10 top-notch groomers, each renowned for their expertise, professionalism, and love for furry clients. 

  • PSA: This list is based off of google and yelp reviews. If your groomer or you are a groomer and do not see your business on this list, it is not to say that it too is anything short of spectacular! It’s just that we only had room for so many on the list.
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1. Pawfect Spa:

Located in the heart of Toronto, Pawfect Spa is a haven for dogs seeking a blend of relaxation and grooming excellence. Their services include grooming, nail trims, baths, and more, ensuring your pet leaves looking and feeling their best.

2. Posh Paws:

Nestled in Mississauga, Posh Paws is synonymous with luxury pet care. Offering professional grooming, spa treatments, and daycare services, Posh Paws is committed to making every visit a lavish experience for your canine companion.

3. Doggieland:

Based in Vaughan, Doggieland is a comprehensive pet care center. Beyond grooming, they provide daycare, training, and boarding services. Your dog will not only leave looking fabulous but will have enjoyed a day of play and socialization.

4. Barks n' Rec:

In the vibrant city of Toronto, Barks n' Rec stands out for its specialized spa treatments and grooming services. With a focus on individualized care, they ensure every dog feels comfortable and cherished during their grooming session.

5. Dogfather & Co.:

Found in the heart of Toronto, Dogfather & Co. is more than just a grooming salon. Offering natural pet food and accessories, they are committed to the overall well-being of your furry family member.

6. Pet Social:

Serving the community in Brampton, Pet Social goes beyond grooming, providing pet supplies and daycare services. Their holistic approach ensures your dog receives the care and attention they deserve.

7. The Dog Market:

Situated in Toronto, The Dog Market is a one-stop-shop for grooming, natural pet food, and accessories. Their commitment to quality and a pet-centric approach makes them a go-to destination for many dog owners.

8. Doggie Central:

Located in Scarborough, Doggie Central is a multifaceted pet care center. In addition to grooming, they offer training, daycare, and boarding services, making it a convenient choice for busy pet parents.

9. Muddy Paws:

In Oakville, Muddy Paws stands out with its focus on holistic pet care. Grooming, pet spa services, and a range of natural pet products make Muddy Paws a wellness destination for your furry friend.

10. Canine Campus:

Serving Markham, Canine Campus excels in grooming, training, and boarding. Their comprehensive approach ensures your dog not only looks great but also receives the training and care they need for a happy and healthy life.

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Whether your pup needs a simple trim or a day of pampering, these 10 exceptional dog groomers in the GTA are sure to provide top-notch services. Prioritize the well-being and style of your furry friend by entrusting them to these dedicated professionals who understand the importance of a happy and well-groomed pet.

Schnauzer on a grooming table ready to be pampered
Schnauzer on a grooming table ready to be pampered

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