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Timmie: Toronto's pet boutique giving "designer dog" a whole new meaning

Get to know Timmie

Do you consider yourself a fashion forward dog owner? Or maybe, your pup feels left out when they see all the other doggo's in the park with their trendy harness, eco-friendly toys & a stylish haircut? No need to worry because Timmie has you covered.

3 Reasons why Dog Parent’s Love Timmie:

Do you ever think to yourself, why is my doggo still wearing this old worn out boring collar? Some of us do, and some of us unfortunately just simply forget. We all love our pups so much but sometimes neglect upgrading their wardrobe or buying them the latest and greatest toys and treats that will bring them so much joy. Our dogs are part of our pack, and don’t we want our pack to be looking and feeling their best? Timmie has all you need with the freshest, most functional and stylish pet supplies and food that you have been looking for! The “pooch-tique” experience allows for easy shopping in a cozy feeling environment where you won’t be overwhelmed with rows and rows of unnecessary options. Timmie simply carries the best of the best that allows for enjoyable and hassle free purchase decision-making.


Leslieville: 1178 Queen St. E, Toronto ON 
  • Monday-Sunday: 10am-6pm
  • 416-406-4999
King West: 700 King St W, Unit 7, Toronto ON
  • Monday-Friday: 10:30am-6:30pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 10am-6pm
  • 416-941-0999 
  • No wellness spa
Queen West: 67 Queen St W, Toronto ON 
  • Monday-Friday: 11am-7pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 10am-6pm
  • 416-203-6789

The Humans Behind Timmie

Meet the owners of Timmie Pet Shop, Paul Ryu and Georges Khayat. These two creative dog lovers are Graphic designers by trade. However, after having a realization inspired by their pup, Timmie, they thought that it was time to open up a doggo boutique for all of the loyal and loved pets just like Timmie. Paul and Georges implement a whole new meaning to “designer dogs”. Making it a bit more functional and realistic to provide the happiest and healthiest “designer lifestyle” for your pup.


Taking your pupper pal to purchase their favourite treat, get a fresh haircut and bath, along with a teeth cleaning has never been easier. The Timmie doggo boutique not only has three conveniently located store fronts around Toronto, they also provide hassle free delivery straight to your door. Timmie is full of many notable services and product offerings that are well worth highlighting.

Online order - YES

Delivery - YES

  • $5 flat rate for orders over $50
  • $10 flat rate for orders under $50
  • Outside local area: Canada post set costs

Vet - NO

Teeth cleaning - YES (Queen West & Leslieville)

Grooming - YES (Queen West & Leslieville)

  • bath, blow dry, brush out, nail cut, ear clean and cut
  • based on breed and physical size not weight

Gear & Supplies

Grooming supplies- YES

First-aid - NO

Cosmetic Health - YES

Crates - NO

Apparel - YES

Toys - YES

Gear: YES

  • Beds
  • Bowls
  • Collars
  • Haltis
  • Harnesses
  • ID tags & Lights
  • Leashes
  • Totes
  • Training 

Food, Treats & Chews

Raw (Dehydrated, Freeze-Dried & Frozen) - YES

Kibble cooked - YES

Frozen cooked - YES

Wet - YES

Supplements - YES

Toppers - YES

Chews - YES

Non-dog food (cat) - YES

Store Highlight: Gourmet Cookies

We have all been in one of those situations where we want to celebrate our pup, whether you're wrapping up a special gift for them around the holiday season, celebrating their birthday, or rewarding them for graduating puppy training class. Now you will have that perfect treat to give them…Bosco and Roxy's Gourmet Cookies ready for purchase at Timmie’s! These cookie are always new and exciting, designed to meet seasonal holidays and include healthy ingredients such as apple sauce, crushed peanuts and coconut. Don’t miss out on your pup’s next special day, and treat them with a tasty gourmet cookie just for them by visiting Timmie. 

Go say hi to Timmie

“It’s the type of place where they remember you and your pet. Couldn’t recommend them higher!” says Ian, a loyal Timmie customer. From the cozy store atmosphere filled with the fashion forward gear, to healthy treats and food options, you will not regret taking a swing by one of three Timmie locations in the Toronto area. Treat your pup to a Timmie toy and watch as their eyes light up. Happy shopping!

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