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The Inside Scoop at Crescent Beach Veterinary Clinic

Get to know Crescent Beach Veterinary Clinic

Crescent Beach Veterinary Clinic Lobby

Ever think of venturing a little outside of the downtown city core to find a friendly and caring vet clinic to take care of your pup rather than the overwhelming hustle and bustle of a downtown animal hospital? 

Located only thirty minutes south of Surrey, British Columbia, Crescent Beach Veterinary Clinic (CBVC)  is where you will find Dr. Jaison Dhaliwal, owner and veterinarian, along with his welcoming team at the quaint yet knowledgeable clinic for all of your family pet needs. 

There are many simple ways to get in touch with the Crescent Beach Veterinary Clinic team! Call, send an online appointment request through their website, or visit them in person for services including:

  • Bloodwork
  • Dental
  • Microchipping
  • Surgery
  • wellness checkups
  • and much more! 

As pet parents, it is common to feel like we don’t truly know our dog's vet, who we essentially trust with our fur babies' lives. Let's mitigate that feeling by discussing what our Kabo team has gathered from going over key topics with Dr. Jaison. The main topics include; his background in the industry, what led him to become a vet, caring for your pup's teeth and gums, insights on dog diets such as life stage diets changes, and raw diet concerns.

Community Feel

When choosing a vet clinic for your furry friend, it is paramount to ensure you feel comfortable asking questions for advice, day-to-day care, treatments or any other concern you may have. At CBVC, the team will ensure you feel a part of their close-knit community and have you leaving the clinic feeling comfortable with how they cared for your pet. Dr. Jaison has owned Crescent Beach Veterinary Clinic since February 2020. Opening right before the global pandemic made for a tough challenge, however, he was up for it! Dhaliwal mentions that;

"Success is measured in many different ways… for Crescent Beach Veterinary Clinic I focus on client education, prevention, providing necessary veterinary care and having more of a community feel. But at the end of the day, nothing beats reuniting a once sick pet with their owners after a day of treatment, making them feel like themselves again."

‍Dr. Jaison's Veterinary Background

Veterinarian, Dr. Dhaliwal holding a puppy

Dr. Jaison grew up surrounded by vets, including his father and uncles, however, to our surprise this isn't 100% the reason that Dhaliwal was inspired to get into the industry himself. Business talk was left at the clinic and was rarely discussed at Dhaliwal family gatherings, so it wasn’t until later years that Dr. Jaison worked alongside his family members. His family has encouraged his path into the Veterinary industry and “have been helpful dealing with difficult situations (euthanasia), allowing me to practice different types of medicine and teaching me to not take work back home with me." Dr. Jaison had the amazing opportunity to spend some time working at a mixed animal practice in North Brisbane, Australia, where he worked with not only cats and dogs but also beef cattle, horses, and even kangaroos!

Diet Insights

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all of the diet options for your dog? Do you feel like you want to give him or her the best nutritional diet but don’t know what to believe and what not to believe? Dr. Jaison has provided us with some great information on where to start when deciding on a diet for your furry friend. He explains how generally there is no one diet that is going to benefit every single dog. Due to the fact that everyone has google at their fingertips, “people tend to be more aware of ingredients that are in their furry friend's diets." However, at times, the more important aspect is to know which ingredients you should be feeding your dog based on your living style, and your pups' breed and age. 

Life Stages + Disease Specific Diets

Many pet owners are familiar with food recipes specific to the life stages of their dog. However, most of us are not aware of why these diet changes are necessary and what is in each specific food formula. Dr. Jaison elaborates;

"For senior patients, some factors owners should consider is how much protein and the quality of protein their pets are getting. Senior dogs tend to lose muscle mass and giving diets that have higher biological proteins (proteins that can be easily digested by the body) can help prevent this."

Puppies, on the other hand, require a much higher caloric intake than a full grown dog and “they should be fed a growth diet until they’ve reached 80% of their maturity."

Growth Diet Feeding Chart

Raw Diet Concerns 

Dhaliwal says that “Every food has its benefits and limitations. My concerns with raw food is that they have been documented to have more common pathogens vs kibble [or fresh cooked]."

Public Health

Dr. Jaison explains the public health concerns that can be associated with raw food diets. He demonstrates with an example: “consider young children [or babies] in the household... feeding a pet raw food, the pet cleans themselves, licks their paws etc. They put their paws on the couch, you pet them, your kids pet them and stick their hands in their mouth." Just as simple as that, your child could be affected by the bacteria held in the raw food.

brown long coated dog on persons lap
Food Safety‍

Concerns that relate to food safety include bacterial and parasitic contamination that can be common in raw foods. 

Nutrition Adequacy

It can become concerning when pet owners begin following diets that don’t align with their pet's needs. Dr. Jaison mentions how the nutrient balance of both commercially available or homemade raw food meals has become quite an issue, especially during the puppy stages. Dhaliwal explains that his opinion is based on clinical research but also on experience in practice; 

“A young dog that pounced on his toy broke both of his shoulder blades because of a lack of calcium in his [raw] diet. During the growth of a puppy, they have a substantially higher caloric need than a full-grown dog, and this tends to get missed when using the ‘fad diets’” such as raw diets."

Although these matters can appear concerning, there are most definitely ways to safely handle and still provide a nutrition-filled diet to your pup via a raw diet. Ensuring clean handling of the product and containers they are stored in is very important. Contacting your vet to see what additional supplements you can add to your dog's diet is also a great step to take.

What to Do if Your Pet has a Broken Bone - Urgent Pet Care
Customizable Diets

Overall, it is greatly advised to speak with your veterinarian to discuss the best diet options for your dog. Kabo offers customizable fresh food or kibble options for your little buddy that will fit their nutritional needs. Whether they suffer from allergies and could benefit from Kabo's hypoallergenic salmon recipe, or need to increase their protein intake with our Luscious lamb recipe, there is a recipe for every dog out there, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with CBVC in Surrey, BC for an appointment to chat about diet importance! Dr. Jaison at CBVC will tailor your pet's diet based;

  • Examination
  • Diagnostics
  • Overall Health
  • Client’s day-to-day

All of these factors will assist in the recommendation of the best-suited diet to ensure your doggo a successful, healthy and happy life. 

Doggy Dentistry

When asked to narrow down the top measures to take to ensure healthy teeth and gums for your dog, Dr. Jaison presented us with:

Brush Your Pet's Teeth 

This can be done as frequently as we brush our own teeth with a regular toothbrush! However, with some dogs or owners, this just isn’t an option if the pup is sensitive to hands around their mouth. 

Dental Food

Another great option is dental food. “The kibble acts as the brush [while] the mastication (act of food chewing) of the food prevents tartar from building up around the teeth” says Dr. Jaison. He continues by explaining how:

“The main aspects of these diets that make them effective is that the kibble is very large, meaning your pet must chew them vs swallowing them whole. Secondly, these diets are high in fiber, meaning the kibble does not shatter when chewed. The tooth instead sinks into the kibble allowing minor buildup to be scrubbed away."

It is also very Important to realize that these diets really only help to clean the molars, and premolars, not the fangs or incisors due to the fact that the food is being chewed at the back of the mouth. 

Dental Cleaning Treats

Dr. Jaison of Crescent Beach Veterinary Clinic mentions that he absolutely recommends dental cleaning treats including Greenies or dental wipes for patients with tender gums. For some more information on how often to give your dog a Greenies check out our Kabo blog on How many greenies can a dog have in a day?

It is important to remember that these are recommendations for at-home and preventative measures only. Any pet with significant diseases or needing professional dental cleaning should visit their vet. Check out Crescent Beach Veterinary Clinic for a dental cleaning appointment.

Chat Soon!

Kabo and CBVC look forward to hearing from you to chat about your pup’s health and we can’t wait to assist in finding the perfect diet for your furry friend to keep them in tip-top shape for a long, healthy and happy life!

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