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The Dogs of Kabo: Rio

Meet Rio! He is the sleepy scientist and official taste testing intern here at Kabo. Rio plays a crucial role in product development by taste testing new products for quality control, squeaking his toys during meetings with new collaborators and proofreading blog posts (which is difficult for him as he cannot read).

Rio’s profile


Andrea Geiger, R&D Scientist and Companion Animal Nutritionist at Kabo


Calgary, AB


Rio is an American Cocker Spaniel from Saskatchewan! Cocker spaniels are known for being calm, friendly and sweet dogs. Their temperament is often described as “merry”, with their ever wagging tails.


Rio’s a Leo and was born August 7, 2018.

Favourite meal

Rio enjoys a combination of Kabo’s fresh and kibble options. His favourites are the Tender Chicken Recipe and the Fresh Chicken Kibble (although he is not picky and will happily eat anything that is in his dish).

Favourite Snack

Rio is a fan of Monch bars. His favourite is the Salmon and Oatmeal flavour.


When he’s not busy being the head of research and development, Rio enjoys meeting new friends at the dog park, napping and getting treats from the cashiers at Homesense.

Fun Facts

  1. Rio has heterochromia. This just means that he has 2 different coloured eyes, one brown and one blue. This is likely linked to the fact that his coat colour is blue merle (which is uncommon in cocker spaniels).
  2. Rio has a pet guinea pig named Penelope. She is not a very good pet guinea pig though as she bullies him by eating his food and nibbling on his feet.
  3. He is quite the hiker. Rio lives very close to the Canadian rocky mountains and goes on frequent hiking trips. He even has his own backpack to carry water and treats. The highest point Rio has ever reached is 1066m elevation!

If you want to see more of Rio, check out his instagram @rio_and_the_potato!

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