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The Dogs of Kabo: Milly

Meet Milly! She is our resident old lady and manager of food here at Kabo. Milly ensures productivity by keeping a calm working environment by napping through Zoom meetings, taste testing new products and keeping the office safe from strangers on the street.

Milly’s profile


Dennis Mazajlo, Director of Food at Kabo


London, ON


Milly is a mixed breed but is suspected to be mostly Labrador Retriever! Labs are Canada’s favourite dogs and it’s not hard to see why as they are kind, gentle and even tempered.


Milly’s a Capricorn and was born January 1, 2008.

Favourite meal

Milly enjoys a combination of Kabo’s fresh and kibble options. Her favourites are the Tender Chicken Recipe, Luscious Lamb Recipe and the Fresh Turkey & Salmon Kibble.

Favourite Snack

Milly is a fan of Monch bars. Her favourite is the Salmon and Oatmeal flavour.


When she’s not busy shedding words of wisdom (and just shedding in general), Milly enjoys a stroll through the neighbourhood, sleeping, playing fetch in the house...but oddly not outside! (Because obviously there are better things to do/see outside than play fetch).

Fun Facts

  1. Milly is particularly fond of leisurely walks around the neighbourhood. Not too long and not too short (she is all about balance). When she isn’t walking, she is a master at sleeping (she even has two beds!). What a lucky dog!
  2. She's an effective fly-catcher in the summer months. Labs were bred to be hunting dogs and flies should fall under that category, right?
  3. When Milly first came home from the shelter, she was an olympic-calibre high jumper and her pawrents were worried how that would play out over time. Luckily she's a little more controlled in her jumping these days, and just a good girl all-around.

If you want to see more of Milly, check out her instagram @milly_the_pooch!

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