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Our guide to transitioning and feeding your dog Kabo

Just like humans, dogs need time to get accustomed to a new diet. Follow this simple guide to help them with their transition to cleaner, healthier food!

For transitioning to a 100% Kabo Diet, do it over 7 days

Regardless of whether or not you're feeding our freshly cooked food, our fresh kibble, or both together, we recommend introducing Kabo over a 7-day period.
Some dogs need a bit more time to transition, which is totally fine! If your dog isn't adjusting, simply stay at that transition stage for another day or two.

Days 1-2: Feed 75% old food, 25% Kabo
Days 3-4: Feed 50% old food, 50% Kabo
Days 5-6: Feed 25% old food, 75% Kabo
Day 7+: Feed 100% fresh Kabo

Did you pick our 25% Kabo diet?

This is a great way to give your dog the nutrients of freshly cooked food, while keeping most of their current diet. No transition is needed, simply replace 25% of your dog's current food with Kabo.

Feeding Guide

Our freshly cooked food will come with an information card containing instructions on how much to feed your dog. Best of all, our custom-portioned packages make this easy!
Our fresh kibble contains instructions on the side of the packaging which will cover how much your dog should eat.

Shiba Inu sitting next to Kabo boxes with Kabo chicken kibble and fresh beef and chicken meals
Shiba Inu sitting next to Kabo boxes with Kabo chicken kibble and fresh beef and chicken meals

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Freshly cooked dog food. Delivered.

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Days 1 & 2
75% old food
25% Kabo (cooked, kibble, or both)
Days 3 & 4
50% old food
50% Kabo
Days 5 & 6
25% old food
75% Kabo
Days 7+
100% fresh, human-grade Kabo!
Try Kabo

Freshly cooked dog food. Delivered.

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