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How To Add Fresh Food to Dry Dog Food and Kibble Topper Options

Our pets are such an important part of our lives. They are a part of our families, and we want to make sure they stay healthy and happy. Food is one important element of their lives, and we need to be informed on the options on the market and their specific dietary needs.

There are a lot of reasons people choose kibble. Not everyone realizes that there are many ways to change kibble and make it more nutritious and enjoyable for our furry friends. Experimenting with some new kibble ideas can help you craft the perfect diet for your dog.


Many pet owners choose to feed their dog’s kibble because it comes with many advantages. It is a cost-effective form of dog food. Kibble is also easy to store and less likely to spoil. 

Kibble also keeps dogs' mouths clean by scraping away at plaque. We pet owners can undoubtedly appreciate the fresher breath. 

It is essential to be careful when picking the perfect kibble for your pets. Not all kibbles are created equal. Some kibbles will have the minimum nutrients required for your dog, but dogs deserve more than just the bare minimum. 

It is recommended to take a look at the ingredients and do some research. Advertisers can be very manipulative with the claims of their brands, and it can be helpful to search for brands that meet standards set by The Association of American Feed Control Officials or the AAFCO.

Kibble Storage

Kibble is great because it is so convenient, but it is essential to have proper storage. It is usually best to keep the kibble in the original packaging because this will keep it fresher and protect it from moisture and oxygen. Kibble should be stored in cool, dry places.

Kibble can go bad, like any other food. The fats in kibble can become rancid, and you will be able to smell a difference and potentially see a change in color. Rancid food will upset your dog's stomach and decrease the kibble’s protein, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. One tip is to buy a smaller bag, so the kibble is not sitting for as long. 

Kibble Toppers 101

Kibble toppers add nutrition but also hydration to our pup’s diets, and they can be store bought or made at home. Kibble toppers add the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, and moisture, as well as making your pet’s meal more palatable.

Here are a few tips when choosing a kibble topper:

  • Research: Make sure you research an ingredient before adding it to your dog’s food. Not all foods are safe for dogs, and some human foods are even toxic, like onions.
  • Low calorie: Adding food to your pet’s diet can give it a nice variety, but weight gain may occur if the caloric intake becomes too high.
  • Read the ingredients: When buying a kibble topper, it is helpful to look at the ingredient list. Make sure there are only a few simple ingredients on the packaging.

Fresh Food Options

Kibble loses some nutrients during the manufacturing process, but adding fresh food can fill in the gaps. 

At Kabo, we use fresh ingredients in our meals, fresh from farm-to-dog. Our mission is to help dogs live healthier, happier, and longer lives. We strive to be transparent with our ingredients and educate our community of pet parents on how to elevate and advocate for their pup’s health.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables play a huge part in proper nutrition for humans, and dogs need fruits and vegetables, too. By just mixing some vegetables and fruits with your dog’s kibble, you will significantly boost the antioxidants and other nutrients in your dog's meal.

Research has found that introducing fresh fruit and vegetables to your dog's kibble can significantly reduce the chances of your dog developing cancer. Small changes can have huge impacts.

In 2005, a study on dogs found owners who added leafy green vegetables to their pets’ dry food at least three times a week were 90% less likely to develop cancer. Dogs whose owners added yellow and orange vegetables to their diets were 70% less likely to develop cancer.

Blueberries are a perfect fruit to add because they are rich in antioxidants. Still, there are also many dog-friendly vegetables, including green beans, kale, bell peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and carrots. Adding a simple food like sweet potato can help a dog’s skin, coat, muscles, eyes, and nerves.

Pumpkin is the superfood of the dog world. It is a great source of fiber for dogs. If your furry friend is suffering from constipation, feed them some cooked or pureed pumpkin for added relief.

Protein Packed

Eggs are a great source of protein for dogs because they are highly digestible, and dogs can even eat the shells. Eggs are also a great source of amino acids, iron, and calcium.

Sardines are another protein source that will surprise you with how many nutrients come in a small package. Besides protein, they are also an incredible source of omega-3 acids, calcium, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, and selenium.

Organ meats can be a fun way to transform the flavor of the kibble and increase its nutrients. Organ meats are full of protein, iron, zinc, and copper.

Fresh Food Benefits

Fresh food is better for us than processed foods, and the same is true for dogs. Fresh food can provide plenty of benefits, which are as follows:

  • Immune system: Vegetables can help boost a dog’s immune system thanks to an abundance of vitamins A and C. Paying attention to our pets’ immune system can be a preventive measure and cut down on future vet visits.
  • Healthier stools: Some processed foods add too much fiber, which can be detrimental to our dogs. However, fiber is still an essential element of a well-balanced diet, so getting fiber from fresh food will ensure it is the right amount.
  • Bright and clear eyes: There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that fresh food dramatically improves the look of a dog's eyes, likely due to vitamin A found in vegetables.
  • Glossy coats: There are plenty of natural, healthy fats found in fresh food. These fats contain oils that give dogs their beautiful shiny coats.
  • Increased energy: Food is energy to the body, and fresh food is easier to digest, which means dogs can absorb more nutrients. Food difficult to digest can go straight through the dog, meaning your dog cannot enjoy as many benefits.

Complete Diet 101

It can be stressful to find the perfect diet for our pets. It is always a good idea to consult your veterinarian to check off all the essential nutrients. Another option is to pay attention to a few signs from your dog to see how they are doing with their meals.

Keep an eye out for your dog's energy level. Food is energy to the body, similar to humans, so if your dog is receiving the right food, you will be able to tell. Keeping your dog active and eating healthy will ensure they have a healthy weight.

It would be easier if our dogs could speak to us and tell us exactly how they are feeling, but unfortunately, not all of us are dog whisperers. Luckily, we can put on our detective hats and pay attention to how they are acting and looking. A healthy dog should have a shiny coat and clear eyes.

If the diet works for your dog's unique needs, their digestive system should be functioning smoothly, and they should have a solid stool about three times a day.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try

It is impossible to know if a food is a good match for your pup without trying it. At Kabo, we try to make it simple when transitioning to a new diet. It only takes seven days to introduce the food to your dog slowly so that they can get used to it without any stress.

We will tailor the meals to your dog during sign-up, and we will even deliver them to your door for your convenience and the convenience of your furry friend. We hope to help dogs worldwide live happier, healthier, and, most importantly, longer lives!

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