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How human food can impact a dogs daily calorie requirements

We love to feed our dogs when they’re being good pups and we love how happy it makes them when they get a little treat. Unfortunately, these treats may be hurting them in the long run. Obesity is a major problem in the pet population and with VCA Animal hospitals estimating 25-30% of dogs to be obese, we need to look at human owners as the root of the problem. This is a dangerous statistic as obesity is a precursor for many life threatening diseases.

Overfeeding is one of the major contributors to the canine obesity epidemic. Often dog owners are unaware that they are overfeeding their dogs and they don’t know how much a little extra food can impact a dog’s overall daily calorie requirements. Processed human food and table scraps specifically can quickly tip the calorie balance, putting dogs at a greater propensity to gain weight.

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People love to share a little bite of their food with their dogs. Whether it is a few of their french fries or a small bite of their burger, dogs are usually more than happy to gobble up the offering. It may seem small and harmless but a lot of human food is very calorie dense and has a much larger impact on dogs than humans. Check out the table below for some examples of how different human foods impact the daily calorie requirements of dogs versus humans.

A lot of human food is high in calories, chemicals and is heavily processed. Pet owners should avoid feeding their dogs these types of foods. Not all human food is bad for dogs though! If you want your dog to get a taste of the good stuff, opt for whole, natural ingredients like fruits and veggies. Treats like carrot slices and blueberries not only make for a tasty snack but also provide dogs with a healthy dose of fibre, vitamins and minerals! Kabo fresh cooked food is another great way to offer your dog human grade food but without all of the extra calories and harmful additives. Dogs love it and it’s also healthy, win win!

Ultimately, obesity is a major problem in the pet community and is a problem that is largely associated with overfeeding and feeding dogs calorie dense human food. If you want to give your dog a tasty treat, try offering them a healthy option instead of that chicken nugget.

Jack Russel sniffing human food
Jack Russel sniffing human food

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