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Happy Howl-oween! Are Canadians dressing up their dogs for halloween?

Boo!! Scared you didn’t I? It’s spooky season and Halloween is upon us. That means it’s time to dress up in your favourite costume and hit the town! But what about your pooch? We at Kabo wanted to know if pet owners include their dogs in the Halloween festivities because nothing says spooky like a chihuahua in a spider costume or a beagle in a witch hat!

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We surveyed a group of 2000 Canadian pet owners to find out if dog parents dress up their furbabies for Halloween. The answer was an astounding YES! Results of the survey showed that 65% of pet owners choose to dress up their dog for halloween. So what are you dressing Fido up as for the big night?

Scary or cute? If you’re unsure of what costume suits your dog, here are some fun dog costumes that we think will have any doggo looking fur-ocious! According to The Canine Journal, these are going to be the most trendy dog costumes of 2021:

  1. Pumpkin 

  1. Hot Dog

  1. Superhero

  1. Bumble bee

  1. Ghost

  1. Bat

  1. Lion

  1. Witch

  1. Devil

  1. Batman

Don’t have the dough to spend on a dog Halloween costume? That’s okay! DIY costumes are always another great option. Utilizing supplies you have around the house and your creativity, you can create a costume that is truly unique and chic! Here are a few ideas from the Daily Paws to get you started:

  1. Martini glass

Supplies: Dog cone, ruler or wood dowling, foam sphere, craft paint

  1. Lego brick

Supplies: Shoe box (or cardboard box that fits your dog’s size), craft paint, red solo cups

  1. Harry potter

Supplies: Red & yellow yarn, crochet hook (or you can also purchase a scarf on amazon), black pipe cleaner

  1. Spider

Supplies: Large size pipe cleaners

  1. Loofah


Supplies: Tulle, small craft rope, small rubber ducky

If you need a little more guidance, we all have an easy tutorial on how to turn your fur-baby into a beanie baby!

Trick or Treat! …. Wait did you say treat?! There’s always good snacks to be had on Halloween but unfortunately most of these are not dog friendly. For their safety, keep your dog out of the chocolate and candy and this could make them very sick. Instead give them Canadian sourced, commercially available dog treats or try and make your own! See the video below for an awesome recipe for spooky bone shaped banana and oatmeal cookies!

If your dog is on a strict diet, try giving them diced fruits and veggies! You can even make it more enticing with a dab of peanut butter or a splash of bone broth. 

Hope you and your dog have a spooktacular Halloween! And don’t forget to share your crazy canine costumes with us on social media! 

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dachshund dressed as a witch for halloween
dachshund dressed as a witch for halloween

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