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Grooming Tips for Different Dogs

Grooming is just one of those maintenance things that comes with owning a dog. Whether your dog is a crazy shedder like a Siberian Husky or has long locks like a Papillion, all dogs need some level of grooming. This is a guide for some helpful grooming tips to coincide with your dog’s coat type.

There are many different coat types that dogs can have. Some of the more common types are:

  • Smooth coat
  • Short coat
  • Double coat
  • Combination coat
  • Heavy coat
  • Silky coat
  • Long coat
  • Curly coat
  • Wire coat hairless coat
  • Hairless dogs

Below are some of the best ways to approach grooming each coat type.

Smooth coat

Smooth coated dogs have very short, shiny hair. Smooth coated breeds usually include dogs like Pitbulls, Bulldogs, Doberman pinschers, etc. These dogs don’t usually require much brushing or detangling but they do shed frequently. Our best advice for smooth coated dogs is to use a good doggy shampoo to keep their coat shiny and free of dirt. This will also loosen up some of that shedding hair.

Short coat

Short coated dogs are very similar to smooth coated dogs. The hair follicle of short coated dogs is a little bit more coarse however. Labradores, Beagles and Mastiffs, among others all fall under the short coated hair type. Also frequent shedders, short coated dogs benefit from a good shampoo and a brushing with a paddle brush.

Combination coat

This coat type reflects its name as it is a combination of a silky, short and smooth coat. Border Collies, Golden Retrievers and Kuvasz’ all boast this coat type. This coat type benefits most from a brush with a paddle brush and occasionally a brush with shedding tools like a furminator or shedding glove.

Double coat

Double coated dogs are famous for their shedding. Aside from the constant need to vacuum, double coated dogs really benefit from shedding tools like a furminator or a shedding glove. Breeds with a double coat include Huskies, Malamutes, Corgis, among others.

Heavy coat

Dogs with this coat type have LOTS of hair but it tends to be quite silky. A daily brush with a paddle brush, wire brush or comb is best for these dogs. Heavy coated breeds include Pomeranians, Chow Chows, and Saint Bernards, etc. It’s not usually a good idea to use shedding tools on this coat type as it will rip and damage the hair.

Silky coat

Silky coated dogs usually have long, flowing coats. While they do not shed as much, they can be difficult to groom because of consistent matting. For dogs with a long, silky coat, like Cocker Spaniels, Setters and Springer Spaniels, they benefit most from a daily detangling with a comb. It’s not usually a good idea to use shedding tools on this coat type as it will rip and damage the hair.

Long coat

Long coated dogs like Shih-Tzus, Most Terriers, and Maltese have coats that are constantly growing. Besides the occasional haircut, these dogs do not shed much. Grooming for them usually involves a daily detangle with a comb or a brush with a paddle brush.

Curly coat

A curly coat is fairly discernable. Poodles, Bichon Frises and Old English Sheepdogs all boast these wavy locks. Curly coated dogs are not high shedders but like any dogs, they do require the occasional brushing with a paddle brush or comb.

Wire coat

Wire coated dogs are a different hair type than many others. These dogs have a soft under coat, with wirey guard hairs on top. Some Dachshunds, Terriers and Schnauzers all carry the wire coat gene. Occasional shedding is common for this breed but overall, grooming is easy for them. An occasional brushing is all they need.


Just because a dog doesn’t have hair, doesn’t mean it is without grooming requirements. Hairless dogs come with oily, acne prone skin. Weekly baths are what dogs like Chinese Crested, Xoloitzcuintli, and American Hairless Terriers absolutely require. Sunscreen is also needed for these dogs when they are exposed to prolonged sunlight.

White Pomeranian being groomed by person wearing black shirt and pants
White Pomeranian being groomed by person wearing black shirt and pants

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