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Fresh Cooked Dog Food Diets vs Raw Dog Food Diets

Feeding your dog the right food is a great way to increase their lifespan, provide them with more energy, and help them avoid serious health issues. We all know that highly-processed kibble and dry dog food is simply not what our dogs need to thrive thanks to constant recalls and controversies related to the major manufacturers unregulated production processes. Sure, dry dog food is convenient and affordable, but is it really worth it to sacrifice your dog’s health in order to make your life easier as a pet owner?

More and more dog owners are taking a stand against major pet food manufacturers and feeding their pets food made from fresh and natural ingredients that gives them the nutrition they need to flourish. However, one of the big debates in the dog owner community is whether fresh cooked dog food or raw dog food is the best choice for their furry friends. Both of these dry dog food alternatives certainly offer intriguing benefits, but one option is the clear winner.

What is Raw Dog Food?

When you first hear the words “raw food”, you probably think of things like rare steak, sushi, or uncooked meat. A raw dog food diet normally consists of uncooked meat such as poultry, fish, and beef along with uncooked fruits and vegetables. The trouble with feeding your dog a raw diet from some of the major commercial brands is that the ingredients are usually not USDA certified for humans and contain parts of animal carcasses that were rejected for human consumption.

That means you could be feeding your dog raw meat from animals that were gravely ill, died on the farm, or were heavily medicated to combat sickness. You should also keep in mind that the commercial manufacturers will put pretty much any parts of an animal into their food including muscles, internal organs, blended body parts, and bones.

Is Raw Dog Food Worth It?

It’s worth noting that not all raw dog food is commercially produced with highly questionable ingredients. People that feed their dogs a raw food diet will often tell you that it is how dogs have eaten historically and that it can lead to a shinier coat, more energy, and healthier stool thanks to its nutritional benefits.

However, even if you purchase high-quality raw dog food, you are presenting your loyal companion with a variety of different health risks. Understand that if you are feeding your dog raw meats, there will always be the risk of contamination from harmful bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. Some veterinary researchers even found that 86 percent of raw food products contain potentially dangerous bacteria.

You will have to be extremely careful when dealing with raw dog food products, as this bacteria can easily affect humans too. Vulnerable populations like the elderly and young children are particularly susceptible to diseases like E. coli and can get sick simply from a dog licking their face after consuming raw food.

Another big downside to a raw food diet is that you will need to make sure your dog is getting a completely balanced diet with raw food, as some studies show that a raw food diet can lead to nutritional imbalances if you aren’t looking into the specifics of the formula. For example, if the raw diet is too high in fat or proteins, it can end up doing your dog more harm than good.

Lastly, there’s always the chance that your dog might choke or injure their teeth on a bone when you are serving them a raw diet since the meats in a raw food diet can include sharp bones.

A Fresh Cooked Food Diet - The Perfect Alternative?

We know that kibble and processed dog food is terrible for our pup’s health, but it doesn’t seem like a raw food diet is the best solution either. The good news is that If you are interested in feeding your dog food made from fresh and natural ingredients, but you are a little bit nervous about some of the risks associated with raw dog food, there’s another fantastic option to look into.

A fresh cooked food diet can provide your dog with ingredients that are rich in nutrients and micronutrients without any of the health risks of raw food.

There are plenty of benefits associated with a fresh cooked food diet. Your dog will be eating all-natural food that isn’t highly processed. With a fresh cooked food diet, your dog will experience benefits like increased energy levels, lower risks of disease and illnesses, cleaner teeth, better digestion, and even less body odour.

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