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Everything you need to know about Kabo’s new and improved packaging!

At Kabo we’re always innovating and improving so that we can provide our pup-stomers with the best experience possible. And that includes our packaging! You may notice in your newest box of Kabo that your food packs look a little different. We've taken a lot of time to rethink and brainstorm how we can make our packaging more appealing and functional for our customers. Keep reading to get all the details on the updates we’ve made! 

Is my dog’s food different?

New look, same great Kabo food! The fresh recipes that your pup loves are still exactly the same, just in new and improved packaging! Rest assured that our food is still just as nutritious and healthy as ever before.

Is my dog getting a different amount of food?

Not at all! Your dog is still getting their fill of their favorite Kabo food. The only change we’ve made is how the packs look and function. There will be no changes in the amount of food your dog gets in each pack.

Why is the packaging different?

We listen to our customer’s feedback and try to improve our processes to make all of our pup-stomers and customers as happy as possible! As a result, we’ve created a packaging that’s more functional in a number of ways. Our new packs are superior because they’re:

  • Easier to open
  • Easier to store
  • Durable for shipping and storage

How do I open the new packaging?

It’s easy peasy! Get rid of those scissors because on each pack there is a small brown tab in the upper corner. Simply pull the tab and peel open the pack!

How do I portion my dog's food from the new packaging?

Depending on the size of your dog, you may receive a different type of packaging. Instead of 1 vacuum sealed pouch, dogs getting a smaller portion will receive single peelable packs, while dog’s getting a larger portion will receive peelable saddle bag packs that have 2 pouches. 

Old vacuum packs

New peelable packs!

Small single packs
Large saddle packs

The number of packs in your order will not be changing either! It is simply the style that is changing. For example, if your dog receives a 22oz pack, the saddle bag pack will have 11oz in each pouch (for a total of 22oz/pack). Alternatively, if your dog typically receives 10oz vacuum sealed packs, they will now receive 10oz peelable packs.

The new single packs will have the same quantity as our previous packaging. Since we haven’t changed the amount of food that your dog gets, simply portion your dog’s the same as you normally would! 

If your dog is receiving the split packs, they will still get the same amount of food, it will just be split between the two adjoining packs. This may change how much of each pack you feed your dog. For all the details on how much to feed your dog, check out the new info card enclosed in your Kabo shipment. It will tell you whether to feed a whole pack, half a pack or 2 packs per day!

Another benefit of our new packaging is that it’s more functional and easier for you to portion out your dog’s food. Since you can open the pack all the way, you can now simply spoon out the desired amount of food into your dog’s bowl. 

How do I store the new packaging?

You can store our new packs the same way you normally would. Our new packs easily stack in the freezer until it's mealtime. After you open your pack it can be stored in the fridge, in a household container, so no more mess! For extra freshness, keep open packs in a container.

How do I dispose of the new packaging?

At Kabo, we are always trying to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, while still maintaining freshness and quality in our food. That’s why we’re happy to announce that our packs are fully recyclable! Once each pack is empty, you can let your dogs lick it clean and wash it out in the sink. Then simply place it in the recycling so it can be reused and made into something else!

Kabo chicken recipe in new packaging
Kabo chicken recipe in new packaging

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