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Propylene Glycol

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol is a moistening agent found in most dog foods and treats to help reduce moisture. Propylene Glycol is derived from Ethylene Glycol, which is also known as antifreeze. 

What Propylene Glycol does

Propylene Glycol is a moistening agent that helps reduce moisture, retains the texture and flavour of the food to help prevent bacteria from growing. 

Why you should be aware of Propylene Glycol in your dog’s food

  • It’s known as the “pet-friendly” antifreeze
  • It’s banned in cat food, as it’s caused Heinz body anemia, but still can be used in dog food
  • There is no added nutritional value of propylene glycol in dog food but is technically safe in a small (very infrequent) dose

While there are many dog food brands and treats that contain propylene glycol, continuous exposure to any synthetic substance is not something pet parents should worry about. The bottom line is that in small infrequent doses, propylene glycol is technically safe. 

Keep in mind that your dog’s diet is perpetually the same for their lifetime, whereas humans are inclined to have a varied diet. This ongoing consumption and exposure are what pet parents should be mindful of. 

<h2>Why we’re featuring Propylene Glycol </h2>

With the amount of information available, we recognize that it might be hard to differentiate from the truth. Propylene glycol over the years has become controversial, as some vet health experts claim that it’s toxic to ingest, while on the other hand medical professionals claim that it's not toxic, as it’s contained in most foods ingested by humans. We ask all pet parents to be mindful of the ingredients included in their dog’s food for this very reason.

At Kabo, our mission is to educate, advocate, and elevate the experience of you and your pet and this includes educating our community about the controversial and confusing ingredients. While we support the work of many dog food companies, Kabo’s fresh dog food recipes are formulated by our in-house veterinarians and pet health experts and contain no propylene glycol. That way you can ensure a clean bowl every time! 

Still have questions about propylene glycol? Reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help! 

Golden Retriever laying on brown leather couch looking lethargic
Golden Retriever laying on brown leather couch looking lethargic

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