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Can Dogs Have Honey? Is It Safe For Dogs?

The answer is yes! Honey is delicious and absolutely safe for dogs. Honey is packed with known properties that are considered natural remedies (even for your dogs)! It contains vitamins and minerals that help support your canine’s health, but there are some limitations that pet parents should be aware of.

Raw honey from the comb spilled all over a white table

6 Vitamins in Honey That Are Good For Dogs

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for strengthening the immune system, maintaining bone health, and also helps repair and grow tissue.

  1. Vitamin B

Supports the growth and health of cells and helps prevent infections! Not to mention vitamin B also supports brain function and boosts energy levels in your dog.

  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered an essential, fat-soluble vitamin that is great for your dog’s immune system, muscles, heart health, liver, nerve cell membranes, as well as healthy skin and coat.

  1. Vitamin D

Helps regulate and balance certain levels like calcium and phosphorus. 

  1. Vitamin K

Essential for blood clotting and helps with healing cuts and wounds. 

  1. Antioxidants

Helps protect and neutralize inflammation, especially chronic inflammatory conditions. 

When To Avoid Feeding Your Dog Honey

Like all human grade foods, honey might not be good for all dogs and can be dangerous if not fed in moderation. There are some considerations to take into account before feeding your pup some honey. 

Dogs with allergies to bees

Dogs can develop this allergy through bee stings and can be hypersensitive or have an allergic reaction from eating honey.

Dogs with diabetes

Honey can certainly spike blood sugar in dogs due to its ranking on the glycemic index. If your dog has diabetes, we’d recommend you confirming with your veterinarian about honey. 

Overweight Dogs

Honey is really high in sugar, so naturally it will be high in calories. When not fed in moderation, it could result in weight gain and in more severe cases, tooth decay.

Other Human Grade Foods Dogs Can Eat

Key Takeaways

  • Provides many benefits and packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that can support better health for your dog.
  • Generally, honey is safe for dogs to consume. Pet parents should still be wary when feeding their dog with diabetes, weight, etc. You could also consult your veterinarian if you’re unsure

Raw honey from the comb spilled all over a white table
Raw honey from the comb spilled all over a white table

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