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Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Yes! Absolutely, but there are limits

To keep it short, dogs can absolutely have oranges. Most citrus fruits aren’t toxic to dogs and are able to have a slice without raising any alarms. Similar to humans, there are limits to how many oranges a dog can have, and it’s important to feed in moderation. Overfeeding oranges to your dog can lead to digestive issues in some cases, and worse in others.

In this blog, we’ll be giving you an overview of the risk and benefits of feeding your dog oranges and also providing a safe way to treat and serve your dog. 

Orange slices displayed on a white marble countertop

3 Top Benefits of Oranges in Dogs

Now that we’ve covered that oranges are safe for dogs, we’ve rounded up and highlighted the 3 top benefits of this delicious fruit. 

  1. Rich in Dietary Fibre

Oranges are a great source of dietary fibre for your dog. It helps keep your pup’s stomach feeling full while improving their digestive system and health. Dietary fibre typically helps dogs refrain from absorbing  as much sugar from human grade foods too quickly. 

  1. Full of Vitamin C

While dogs don’t need an extra source of vitamin C in their diets, it’s quite beneficial to dogs with liver issues or have different metabolic requirements and are unable to generate enough vitamin C, adding oranges as a treat to their diet will help boost their intake.

  1. A Better and Healthier Treat Alternative for Overweight Pups

If your dog is a little bit on the chonky side, an orange slice is a perfect healthy alternative treat to a regular fattening dog biscuit. Fruit, specifically oranges, provides a healthy snack for dogs and also won’t add too much natural sugar into their diet. 

When Are Oranges Bad for Dogs?

We now know that oranges are safe for dogs, but pet parents should be wary and ensure that they aren’t overfeeding, as it might result in upset stomachs and other side effects. Oranges by nature are a fibre-rich food and giving your dog too much fibre could result in issues with digestion. 

Pups with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues already are recommended to start with a small piece and remain to have a close eye on how much everyone in the family is feeding them. 

There is a ton of natural sugar in fruit, including oranges. Generally for most healthy dogs, this won’t be a problem, but for dogs with diabetes, even the smallest amount could cause a reaction. 

With everything, moderation is key. A slice or two in a single sitting is a great amount while still being able to monitor for side effects. If you’re unsure, ask your veterinarian what they recommend. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Oranges could be your dog’s new favourite snack! They’re not toxic and most dogs are able to have a few slices without experiencing any issues. 
  • Similar in the way humans eat, food in moderation is key.
  • General rule of thumb when you’re unsure as a pet parent is to ask your vet before offering human grade foods to your dog

Orange slices displayed on a white marble countertop
Orange slices displayed on a white marble countertop

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