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Can Dogs Eat Coconut? A Coconut Guide for Dogs

Many can agree, coconuts are quite enjoyable and can be offered in different forms, but how does it affect dogs? Can dogs eat coconuts too?

The short answer: It’s generally safe for dogs to eat coconut, but similar to other human grade foods being fed to your dog, moderation is key. Here’s the perfect guide to everything you need to know about feeding your dog coconuts. 

Coconuts are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Among all these vitamin-rich benefits, coconuts are also known and praised for their properties to improve skin and coat in dogs. Similar to how humans have a moisturizer, coconuts are able to soothe irritated skin, tissue, and contribute to shinier and softer coats. 

Women holding two halves of a fresh coconut in her hand

When are Coconuts Bad for Dogs?

Coconuts aren’t toxic for dogs, but contain elements that might cause gastric irritation or bloat. It’s important to note, with the many forms coconuts come in, the shell of the coconut is not recommended to feed your dog. It’s very hard and difficult to chew (this could result in choking or blockages). 

Not only is the skin hard to chew, but the fibers and hairs on the shell may also affect your dog’s poop as the hairs might gather in the intestines. When feeding your dogs coconut, stick to fresh meat!


Can Dogs Have Coconut Milk?

Dogs can have coconut milk, but only in small amounts. It’s not considered toxic to dogs (can freshen dog’s breath or strengthen their immune system) but having too much coconut milk-based foods might result in looser poop causing diarrhea. Ensure that the coconut milk is not overly processed (with preservatives and additives) and is as fresh as possible. 

If Not Coconut Milk, Can Dogs Have Coconut Water?

Coconut water is a great source of nutrients for dogs, like magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium. In comparison to the meat of the coconut, coconut water is lower in sugar, salt and calories (perfect for boosting your dog’s energy levels while keeping them hydrated). 

Pet Parents should always check store-bought varieties as they contain added sugars and preservatives that may be harmful to dogs.

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Key Takeaways

  • Coconut is an excellent source of nutrients to include in your dog’s diet
  • Too much coconut can cause bloat and gastric issues, remember to always feed in moderation and stick to only fresh meat
  • If you’re unsure about the quantity of how much to give your pet, speak to your local veterinarian 

Women holding two halves of a fresh coconut in her hand
Women holding two halves of a fresh coconut in her hand

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