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Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Should They?

Yes- dogs can eat carrots. In fact they make brilliant training treats or as everyday low-calorie, healthy snack. 

Are there any nutritional benefits to dogs from eating carrots?

Absolutely! Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K and potassium: 

Beta-carotene: Aids in the production of vitamin A; for healthier coat, skin and eyes.

Fiber: Great for digestion and gut health.

Vitamin K: Aids in the synthesis of coagulation proteins needed for blood to clot.

Potassium: Helps with the functioning of electrical charges in the heart, muscles, and nerves. 


Freshly picked carrots in a bunch sitting on a table

How to Prepare Carrots for Dogs

If you dog is still a puppy, consider cooked carrots as they are softer for them to chew and swallow. This is a great way to introduce carrots to your pup. 

No matter how old your dog may be, it’s important to cut raw carrots into bite size pieces for your dog to prevent choking. Freezing a whole carrot can give your pup a healthy interactive snack and is perfect for those hot summer days. 

How to Give Your Dog Carrots

Carrots are healthy for dogs and make a good addition to their diets. Carrots are generally safe for dogs to eat, but it is important to cut them into small manageable pieces before giving them to your dog. As a result, you can prevent choking, especially in small dogs.

Ask your vet about the amount or carrots you can feed your dog each day, and ask whether there are any other health issues associated with adding this human-food to your dog’s diet. As you would for any other fruit and vegetable, thoroughly wash and/or peel carrots to remove all dirt and pesticide residue.

Here are some ideas for serving carrots:

  • Frozen Carrot- freeze an entire carrot (washed) and you have an inexpensive and healthy chew-toy for your dog, great for teething or hot summer days. 
  • Raw Carrots- when cut into bite-size chunks they can be the perfect training treat or treat alternative to high-calorie dog biscuits. 
  • Cooked- perfect for younger dogs trying carrot for the first time, or older dogs that may not be able to chew hard carrots with comfort. You can serve them plain, or mash them up (no seasonings), and serve them as a healthy option snack or you can add some to your dogs' current food.
  • Raw grated as a topper for their current food. Make your dog's food more palatable by adding a bit of fine grated carrot on top. 
  • Steamed and pureed carrot frozen in an ice cube tray can be a nutritious treat for the summer! 

Always consult your veterinarian when adding human food to your dog's diet. There may be considerations such as pre-existing conditions that may make some foods off limits to some dogs.


How Much Carrot Can I Give My Dog?

Carrots can be beneficial for dogs because they provide them with additional nutrients and vitamins. However, it is important to not feed your dog too many carrots. Carrots should only make up a small part of your dog's daily diet as their main source of nutrition should come from their dog food at mealtime. A few carrots can provide your dog with beneficial nutrients and minerals which can help improve their immune system, eye and coat health.

Depending on the size of your dog, you can give your dog a few small pieces of carrots or a baby carrot. Smaller dog breeds may not be able to digest as many carrot pieces as larger dogs. If you have a smaller dog, it is important to cut your carrots into small pieces that they can easily chew. Larger pieces of carrots can be a choking hazard for smaller dogs.  

Final Thoughts on Carrots

Carrots are tasty treats, and a great way to show your furry friend that you love them. It can help overcome treat cravings without much worry of weight gain, vs. conventional treats. Feeding raw or frozen carrots also help keep your dog's teeth clean and promote dental health by scraping tartar and buildup off the teeth as they chew. Then there are the nutritional benefits of carrots which cannot be ignored! 

Other Human Grade Foods Dogs Can Eat

Freshly picked carrots in a bunch sitting on a table
Freshly picked carrots in a bunch sitting on a table

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