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Best dog boarding in Ontario

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. Unfortunately, there are just certain places we can’t take our dogs and sometimes that means that we need to find someone else to care for our pups while we’re away.

Leaving your dog with a sitter, friends or family is a great option but it is not the only one. Dog boarding is a great option for active and social dogs who love to run around and play with their other canine friends. Additionally, dog boarding facilities are run by professionals who have experience in taking care of dogs so you know your pup will be well cared for.

If you’re in the province of Ontario and you’re looking for a great place to take your dog, check out our list of the best dog boarding places in the province of Ontario.

Dogs At Camp

Dogs At Camp is really the perfect spot for an adventurous dog. Located at 20850 Marsh Hill Road in Uxbridge, dogs can enjoy clean country air, beautiful walking trails, fresh water swimming, indoor and outdoor play. They have been in business for 20 years so dogs really are their specialty! 

Dawgs Den

It can be stressful to board your pet. Therefore, the goal of Dawgs Den, located in Richmond Hill, is to provide a snug setting where you feel your pet is safe, comfortable and welcomed in their second home. Pets are offered their own fresh bed/tent along with multiple daily walks and activities. They can also spend the whole day socializing or if your pet is more shy they will ensure they have their own space. Dawgs den also offers scheduled walks and feeding times so your pet can keep its routine.

Pack of Paws

On 105 Jefferson Avenue in Toronto, there is a wonderful boarding place called Pack of Paws. The thing we love so much about Pack of Paws is that they prioritize safety, health and routine. Their service is geared towards dog owners who are interested in consistent daycare/boarding for their dogs who value the structure and social benefits that regular visits can bring for their dogs mental and physical welfare. They keep their day structured with scheduled play and nap time for the dogs so your pup can both be enriched and does not get over tired or over stimulated.

Park9 Dogs

Does your dog love to swim? Park9 Dogs has their own indoor doggy swimming pool! They have been in business for nearly 20 years, have 2 locations in the GTA and were voted 2021’s Top Choice Best Dog Daycare in the GTA. They also offer live streaming webcams so you can check in on your dogs at any time. Not only that but they also have a shuttle service for dog boarding clients between the resort and downtown location.


Keshet Kennels is a loving, safe, spacious, full-service dog boarding & daycare facility that is open to all breeds. Keshet Kennels is located 20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa and specializes in large breed dogs. They also provide a secure refuge for primarily large breed dogs surrendered by their owner and run a dog rescue in addition to boarding.

Bekkers Pet Care

Bekkers Pet Care has been in operation in Ottawa for 15 years and ensures that their canine guests are happy and comfortable by providing them with all the conveniences of a new, modern facility. Dogs staying at Bekkers Pet Care receive their own spacious, temperature controlled suites with heated ceramic flooring, access to 12’ individual outdoor run, access to common outdoor play areas and daily walks.

Rocky Knoll

Rocky Knoll began 10 years ago in Cook County and has become what it is today, a quaint 8-kennel dog boarding space nestled in the woods! This boarding facility is perfect for dogs who require a quiet space and more one on one time. While the lodging dogs may be few, the goal of Rocky Knoll is to provide a loving, home-like environment. They take a family-like approach to dog care, handling each dog accustomed to their personality. The owner is also a certified pet care professional through Outstanding Pet Care Learning Center!

Check out our list of the best dog boarding kennels in Ontario
Check out our list of the best dog boarding kennels in Ontario

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