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12 Canadian Businesses That Will Spoil Your Dog This Holiday Season

The official Kabo-Approved list of gifts to give pet parents this holiday season!

Can you guys believe the holiday season is upon us? Are you a pet parent looking for the perfect gift to treat your pup this Christmas season? Look no further, we have compiled a list of great products so that you don’t have to.

Kabo is a fresh dog food company based in Canada, devoted to giving back and supporting local Canadian businesses. Our gift guide is compiled with amazing products that are small, local Canadian businesses that we feel deserve to be celebrated this holiday season!

We hope everything on this list brings you and your loving pup surprise and delight - Happy shopping! And Happy Holidays!

Find the perfect gift for Utility

1. EarthRated

EarthRated poop bag product shots

Looking for a better way to pick up after you pup? EarthRated has got you covered! With each purchase, EarthRated gives back because they believe that animals change lives. Not to mention the organizations and partnerships they’re a part of. All of EarthRated products are also biodegradable and eco-friendly, with products starting as low as $4.99, say goodbye to stepping in poop!

2. Ruggable (Pet Friendly Washable Rugs)

Golden Retriever sitting on Ruggable carpet in living room next to a spill

Every pet parent knows the troubles of keeping their brand new carpet clean when introducing a new pup to the family. Well… Now you don’t have to! Ruggable is a pet friendly washable rug that is waterproof, stain resistant, and most importantly washable! They come in various sizes from area rugs to runner rugs, all the way to accent rugs. Rugs range as low as $119 for area rugs.

3. Two Dapper Pupz

At Kabo, we always advocate for safety first for the pups in our community. Two Dapper Pupz is a small local Canadian business doing just that, with stylish seatbelts for your dog, you won’t have to worry about your pup rocking from side to side in the back seat. Seat Belts start at $28.99 and come in all different patterns and colours. Did we mention that they also carry stylish bandanas for pups of every size?

Looking for accessories? Keep scrolling for more!

4. TYNK Outdoor Dogs Wear

Dog Clothing Online for Sale – T.O. Dogswear

Best known for their Belly Bibs to keep your dog’s underbelly clean, dry and warm for any season! They’re durable and waterproof, perfect for Canadian winters! You can even attach their leggings to the belly bibs to create a full underbody suit for extra warmth and protection. Belly bibs start at $39.99, did we mention they’re also eco friendly?

5. Knotty Pets

White dog holding Knotty Pets braided leash in its mouth, sitting and smiling

Any pet parents looking for stylish alternatives to leashes and collars? Worry not! Knotty Pets is a Montreal based company that is best known for their hand-crafted collars and leashes with accessories starting at $48, and shipping is free on all orders over $75!

6. Pawtters

This small London business is known for their accessories for not only dogs, but cats as well! Do we have any cat parents here? Pawtters has got you covered with matching bandanas and masks (for the hoomans)! Easy to wash and prices start at $30 for a bandana and matching mask set.

What better way to show your pup your appreciation than showering them with the toys and treats that you know they love and deserve? Not to mention, treats that are human-grade and contain single ingredients.

7. Timmie Doggie Outfitters

Milk and cookies burrow toy

Timmie Doggie Outfitter rope braided toys in lobster, octopus, bone, giraffe, and squirrel form

Located in the heart of Toronto, this small Canadian business carries toys we know for a fact your digger or burrower will absolutely love! Anything from rope toys that are great for dental hygiene and puzzle toys that are great for mental stimulation, Timmie has got you covered! Toys range anywhere from $15 - $25!

8. Dog Father & Co

Dog Farther & Co logo

Dog Father & Co has a dedicated team of animal loving individuals who are committed to providing the best service. Their boutique store offers services such as grooming and dental, but what we’re most excited about is the puzzle toys and treat hiders that they have! Great problem solving toy that encourages mind stimulation.

9. Alamonti Pet Supplies

Alamonti Pet Supplies logo

If you’re a pet parent looking for a bundle of toys, look no further! Alamonti Pet Supplies carries a toy pack that includes 12 different toys in a bundle just for $30! Not to mention the funky shaped lick mats that they carry which are great for meal time if you’ve got yourself a picky eater! Lick mats start at $12.99

10. EarthPup

EarthPup chicken pot pie all natural treats for dogs

EarthPup house burger all natural treats for dogs

EarthPup is small local Canadian business that provides eco-friendly treats that give back! They are all-natural treats for dogs (but also fit for humans!) Not only do they provide healthy treats for our four-legged companions, but they give back while doing so. EarthPup donates a portion of their proceeds to organizations like the Humane Society International. They have multiple flavours like Chicken Pot Pie, House Burger, and Side of Fries! Head over to their website to check them out.

11. Good Boy Bakery

Bulldog sitting in living room next to bag of Good Boy Bakery treats

The name says it all! If you’re a good boy, you know where to treat yo self! Good Boy Bakery is a Toronto business that is dedicated to providing healthier treats for pups with sensitivities and intolerances. Their treats are baked and created in small batches ensuring they are using wholesome, human-grade ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives. Head over to Good Boy Bakery for their small batch seasonal treats before they're all gone!

Last not not least....

12. Only One Treats

Bernese Mountain Dog sitting and looking up while licking the bag of Only One Treats

Only One Treats is a family owned and operated Canadian business that provides all-natural single ingredient treats for your dog and pup to enjoy. Best known for their dried sardines, these healthy, single-ingredients treats will absolutely be a high value treat for your pup while training or just for everyday rewards!

Frenchie and Shih Tsu dressed up in Christmas pyjamas wearing elf hat and antlers on in front of red backdrop
Frenchie and Shih Tsu dressed up in Christmas pyjamas wearing elf hat and antlers on in front of red backdrop

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