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10/2021 Fromm Dog Food Recall

Unfortunately, another dog food company has recalled a number of their canned dog food products. Fromm is an American pet food manufacturer that focuses on making kibble, canned food and treats. It is important for pet owners to remember that accidents happen and any pet food company may be subject to a recall, even from trusted brands.

What was recalled?

On October 1, 2021 Fromm Family Foods, a Wisconsin based pet food company, issued a voluntary recall on 5,500 cases of their Shredded Can Entrée dog food. The specific diets that were recalled are as follows:

  • Four-Star SHREDDED BEEF IN GRAVY ENTRÉE food for dogs
  • Four-Star SHREDDED CHICKEN IN GRAVY ENTRÉE food for dogs
  • Four-Star SHREDDED PORK IN GRAVY ENTRÉE food for dogs
  • Four-Star SHREDDED TURKEY IN GRAVY ENTRÉE food for dogs

Why was it recalled?

The reason for the Fromm dog food recall is not due to any microbial contamination but a nutritional issue. It was found that the recalled products contained an excessive concentration of Vitamin D. According to Fromm, “The recall was initiated after we discovered, through our own analysis, that these products may contain elevated levels of Vitamin D.”

Normally Vitamin D is added to pet food as a nutritional supplement to protect and promote healthy bone, heart, muscle and immune health. Too much Vitamin D however can cause toxicity. At toxic levels, Vitamin D can cause kidney failure and heart damage. In severe cases, too much Vitamin D can even be fatal.

What should I do if I purchased contaminated food?

Pet owners should stop feeding their dogs any recalled product and are urged to return any recalled product to Fromm Four-Star. For pet owners who have any questions regarding Fromm recalled food are urged to contact the company at 1-800-325-6331 or by email at

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Take home message

Ideally, pet food companies should have a plan in place in the event a recall occurs. It is best if they recall their products as fast as possible, as well as having data on where all of the recalled inventory is. Pet food manufacturers also need to be transparent about the issues they are having with their specific product in order to win back customer trust. The best thing to do as a pet owner is to be aware of product recalls. Recalls can either be found on the FDA website or you can also sign up for the Dog Food Advisor recall alert on their website.

Recall badge
Recall badge

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