What does healthy puppy poop look like?

It might be gross and smelly but poop is a good indicator of your puppy’s health. Chances are you will see puppy poop of all shapes and textures. Check out our Kabo poop scale to see if your puppy’s poop is looking normal.

Too hard

If you find your puppy's poop is ranking between 1-2 on our chart, your pup may be a little bit constipated. This could be because they are a little dehydrated. If your puppy is eating kibble, try adding a little bit of water to their food. It will help to increase their water intake during the day. 

Another reason for dry/hard stool could be that your puppy could use a little extra fibre in their diet. Fibre is nature's broom and helps to sweep everything through the digestive tract. If you find your puppy may need some extra fibre, try adding a scoop of flax seeds or oatmeal to their food.

Too soft

If you find your puppy's poop is ranking between 5-7 on our chart, your pup’s stool may be too soft. There are a variety of reasons for soft stool. Your puppy may just be having an off day and their stomach is upset. Alternatively, stress can sometimes cause poop that is too runny. If this is the case, restrict their food and try feeding them bland, easily digestible foods like boiled chicken, rice and pumpkin puree.

If you just switched their food, they may be adjusting to their new diet. Try incorporating their new food into their old food a little bit at a time. It makes the transition easier on the tummy!

Additionally, your puppy may just be sensitive to rich foods. If this is the case, try lowering the amount of protein and fat in their diet and increasing fibre. This will help reduce inflammation in the gut that is causing the soft stool.

Just right

If you’re looking to see healthy puppy poops (3 & 4 on the chart), consider feeding Kabo. Kabo fresh-cooked recipes have a high moisture content to help keep your pup hydrated with a balance of healthy, digestible ingredients. Additionally, Kabo also contains a healthy dose of fibre with added fruits and veggies. 

Next time you’re picking up after your puppy, take a double look at their number 2. It could tell you a lot about their health on the inside.