Is Kabo suitable for puppies?

So you have a new puppy and you’re trying to figure out what to feed them. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find the right food. Puppies require a different balance of nutrients than adult dogs so that they can build muscle, grow bones and mature in a healthy way. 

In your search for the best fit for your puppy, you may have come across Kabo. Kabo is here for you and your puppy. Let’s look at why Kabo is perfect for pups!

Balanced for puppies

In order to grow into happy, healthy adults, puppies need a little extra in their food. According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), puppies need at least 22.5% protein and 8.5% fat in their food. Puppies also require at least 1.2% calcium to grow healthy bones, among other functions.

At Kabo, we formulate ALL of our diets to meet and exceed AAFCO regulations for all life stages in dogs. This means that Kabo is balanced for both puppies and adults and as a result you will not have to transition your pup to a different food once they reach adulthood. Why change a good thing, right?

Easy to digest

Part of feeding a puppy is ensuring that they are getting the most out of their food. Puppies need every last bit of nutrients that they can get from their diet. Kabo uses highly digestible ingredients like chicken, rice, lamb and whole vegetables. No by-product meals, additives, filler or highly processed ingredients here!

Easy for small mouths to chew

Ever heard of the saying, “they bit off more than they could chew”? That is often the case with puppies and their food. Puppies have small mouths and soft teeth and as a result they need a food that is easy enough for them to break down. 

Kabo fresh-cooked food is nice and soft, allowing for little resistance when puppies are chewing. Alternatively, if kibble is more your style, Kabo fresh kibble is designed to be small and thin. Easy for a puppy to crunch and munch!

Healthy ingredients

You wouldn’t feed your baby McDonalds for every meal right? Puppies deserve healthy food that’s going to provide them with enough energy to play and explore the world. Kabo is made with wholesome, healthy ingredients that are perfectly balanced for your puppy. Ingredients like ground beef and turkey are a great source of protein, while carbohydrates like whole grain rice and potatoes are the perfect source of energy. Don’t forget about the extras! A healthy dose of fruits and veggies provide a source of fibre and vitamins, while fish oil and chia seeds offer a source of omega 3s!

If you’re looking for the best food for your puppy, consider Kabo. Our food is nutritionally balanced for puppies and contains healthy ingredients to give them the best first step in life.