Kabo vs Lucky Dog Cuisine

Want to know what makes Kabo unique? We’ve taken the opportunity to compare Kabo with Lucky Dog Cuisine, another fresh dog food player in Canada.

What makes Kabo unique to Lucky Dog Cuisine?

Customized for Specifically Your Dog

Kabo customizes diets based on your dog’s lifestyle and needs.

Pricing starts at ~$7.00
Feeding Guidelines

With every order, Kabo includes a detailed feeding guide for your pup’s specific meal plan, leaving out the guesswork for pet parents.

Support at Every Growing Life Stage

Pet parents are able to connect with Kabo’s in-house Canadian veterinarians for consultations for free! 

Exclusive Treats + Little Things

Members have exclusive access to activations, treats, and other little things for increased happiness including seasonal recipe drops.

Research & Development + Innovation

A dedicated Canadian in-house team to improving our offerings to better address and increase happiness for all pets.

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The fresh pet food industry has exploded in the Canadian market with the rise of adoptions rates in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only are we as humans paying a little more attention to what goes into our bodies, but into our dog’s bowls as well. 

We’ve identified 3 specific areas which make Kabo unique in comparison to Lucky Dog Cuisine. 

Customized for your dog and their lifestyle

At Kabo, your dog’s meal plans are customized by pet parents outlining information about their dog, like weight, age, breed, etc. This information helps Kabo understand your dog’s current needs and lifestyle. That being said, pet parents are able to choose meals to be delivered at a frequency that works best and we’ll keep your profile up to date on our end. 

With Lucky Dog Cuisine, they don’t ask for your dog’s information nor do they recommend plans either. They’ve simplified the options to a subscription order (reoccurring every 28 days) or no subscription order. Instead, they do an introductory pack that includes 14 (1lbs packs) or a shipment every 28 days. 

Support at every growing life stage so you don’t have to worry

As a part of your membership at Kabo, pet parents are able to connect with their very own in-house veterinarian provided by Kabo, where you’re able to consult about our products and any pain points you might be facing. Our vet techs and RVT’s have over 14+ years of experience working in hospitals and health clinics, and we’re confident pet parents will walk away better educated. Did we also mention that it’s free to consult our vets?

While Lucky Dog Cuisine has a similar mission, Kabo is certainly devoted to providing the best experience with our products possible and we recognize that education is a big part of that. Pet parents are able to connect to veterinarian resources through phone or text. Every pet owner can agree that familiarity with their dog and their diet ultimately provides better context overall. 

Research and development with innovation

Maintaining a healthy diet is one thing, but what about the little things in life? At Kabo, we’ve thoughtfully introduced a line of treats that similarly align with our mission, called Monch Bars, a line of human grade snack bars designed for the everyday dog. The little things in life are what make certain moments with your pet memorable. What better way to appreciate your dog than a delicious reward? 

Kabo has a dedicated R&D team to help formulate these human grade snacks, but it doesn’t stop there. As Kabo continues to grow its ecosystem, our R&D team will continue to launch new products such as joint supplements and dental chews that help support happier and better lives. 

While Lucky Dog Cuisine offers 7 pre-cooked dog food recipes, they don’t offer any other line of products other than their recipes. 

The bottom line.

Kabo has created and designed a line of products and vet services to help support pet parents at every growing life stage of their pets’ lives. This ultimately encompasses our mission of educating, elevating and advocating for our pets to live happier, healthier, and better lives. 

If you’d like to try some of Kabo’s fresh dog food, we’ve included a link here

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Our reviews are pawesome

Rated 4.9/5

Rated 4.9/5

“First of all, my dog LOVES Kabo. She is a very fussy eater but since we’ve started Kabo she licks her bowl clean. Also, we had an issue with one delivery and I contacted Kabo and within two days had another delivery. Excellent customer service! We highly recommend Kabo.”

Nancy — Ottawa

Just wanted to tell you that our pug loves her Kabo! She goes crazy when it’s breakfast and dinner time. Barking incessantly for her Kabo! The good news, she’s lost 3 lbs and looks so much healthier.

Sally — Vancouver

My boys love the food. Simply love it. But equally important is the customer service from the team is world class. Immediate attention and finding resolution.

Alfredo — Toronto

Our 10 month old Frenchie pup always waits till 10pm to eat her food - doesn't eat all day then eats at bedtime just because she realizes that's all that she is getting. We have been using Kabo toppers now for a few weeks and we mix it with her kibble and she eats everything! Licks her bowl clean. Her coat looks great. So happy we found Kabo!

Andy — Peterborough

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Kabo has served over a million meals all across Canada to the goodest boys and girls.

By opting for Kabo's fresh food subscription, thousands of pet parents in Canada are now feeding fresh, healthy meal options that don't break the bank!

The humans at Kabo cook, pack and deliver your pup’s food straight to your doorstep, ensuring the highest quality of human grade food. Not to mention, members of the community are able to work alongside our in house vet health experts and other RVT’s with over 14+ years of experience in advocating for your dog’s needs.  

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