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Shih Poo



Miniature Dauchshund




Daisy Dog


Long-haired chihuahua


Welsh Hillman

Tweed Water Spaniel

Turnspit dog

Toy Trawler Spaniel

Toy Bulldog


Talbot Hound

Tahltan Bear Dog

Tahitian Dog

Southern Hound

Sleuth hound

Salish Wool Dog

Sakhalin Husky

Saint John's water dog

Russian Tracker

Rastreador Brasileiro


Polynesian Dog

Paisley Terrier

Old Spanish Pointer

Old English Bulldog

Old Croatian Sighthound

North Country Beagle

Norfolk Spaniel

Moscow Water Dog


Marquesan Dog


Lapponian Shepherd


Hawaiian Poi Dog

Hare Indian Dog

Halls Heeler

Grand Fauve de Bretagne

Fuegian dog

Fila da Terceira

English White Terrier

English Water Spaniel

Dumfriesshire Black and Tan Foxhound

Dogo Cubano

Dalbo dog


Cumberland Sheepdog

Cordoba Fighting Dog

Chiribaya Dog



Bull and terrier

Braque Dupuy

Blue Paul Terrier

Black and Tan Terrier

Belgian Mastiff

Argentine Polar Dog

Alpine Spaniel

Alpine Mastiff


Yorkshire Terrier

Yakutian Laika


Xiasi Dog

Wirehaired Vizsla

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Wire Fox Terrier

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

White Shepherd



Westphalian Dachsbracke

West Siberian Laika

West Highland White Terrier

Welsh Terrier

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Welsh Sheepdog


Volpino Italiano


Villanuco de Las Encartaciones

Villano de Las Encartaciones


Tyrolean Hound

Trigg Hound

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Treeing Tennessee Brindle

Treeing Feist

Treeing Cur

Transylvanian Hound

Toy Manchester Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier

The perfect dog food for picky eaters

We work with the best canine nutrition experts to formulate healthy and tasty recipes even the pickiest eaters will approve.

Savoury Beef

This recipe is high in protein and grain-free. Great for active dogs, picky eaters and dogs that are sensitive to grains. Fresh Ground Beef, Russet Potato, Sweet Potato, Green Beans, Carrots, Green Peas, Red Apples, Beef Liver, Fish Oil, Nutrient Mix

Tender Chicken

Low in fat and contains highly digestible ingredients. Great for senior dogs, dogs with sensitive tummies and pups who may need a little help with losing weight. Fresh Ground Chicken Breast, Rice, Carrots, Green Peas, Red Apples, Chicken Liver, Fish Oil, Nutrient Mix

Luscious Lamb

Made with premium Ontario lamb. A novel choice for picky eaters and senior dogs! Premium Ground Lamb, Chickpeas, Russet Potato, Squash, Green Beans, Kale, Broccoli, Chia Seeds, Sunflower Oil, Fish Oil, Nutrient Mix.

Hearty Turkey

Made with lean, locally-sourced turkey breast. Low-Fat. Gluten-Free. Full of great antioxidants. Ground Turkey, Rice, Whole Egg, Carrots, Apples, Peas, Beans, Fish Oil, Nutrient Mix

Irresistible Fresh Kibble

High quality, balanced ingredients in a crunchy kibble. Comes in Turkey & Salmon, Chicken, and Duck options. Chicken, Cranberries, Ginger, Pumpkin, Kelp, Kale

Hearty Turkey

Made with lean, locally-sourced Turkey Breast. Low-Fat. Gluten-Free. Full of great Antioxidants.

Irresistible Fresh Kibble

High quality, balanced ingredients in a crunchy Kibble. Comes in Turkey & Salmon, Chicken, and Duck options.

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Rated 4.9/5

“First of all, my dog LOVES Kabo. She is a very fussy eater but since we’ve started Kabo she licks her bowl clean. Also, we had an issue with one delivery and I contacted Kabo and within two days had another delivery. Excellent customer service! We highly recommend Kabo.”

Nancy — Ottawa

Just wanted to tell you that our pug loves her Kabo! She goes crazy when it’s breakfast and dinner time. Barking incessantly for her Kabo! The good news, she’s lost 3 lbs and looks so much healthier.

Sally — Vancouver

My boys love the food. Simply love it. But equally important is the customer service from the team is world class. Immediate attention and finding resolution.

Alfredo — Toronto

Our 10 month old Frenchie pup always waits till 10pm to eat her food - doesn't eat all day then eats at bedtime just because she realizes that's all that she is getting. We have been using Kabo toppers now for a few weeks and we mix it with her kibble and she eats everything! Licks her bowl clean. Her coat looks great. So happy we found Kabo!

Andy — Peterborough

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