Why We Created Kabo

By: Vino Jeyapalan
July 29th 2022

If your a dog person, you know how important your dog is to you.

Dog parents are spoiled for choice when it comes to food for their pups. Big box stores carry a large variety of dog foods and knowing which one is the best for your dog may not be top of mind without investing in hours of research. 

This makes the process a bit overwhelming for pet parents just starting out. Finding out which diet is best can take some trial and error. You may invest in ultra-premium dry food, but maybe your dog won’t touch it. Or perhaps your pup has a specific medical condition that requires a special diet. Chances are you’ll be left standing in the aisle with a big choice to make and few definitive resources to help you find your way. 

In May of 2015, my twin brother Vijay and I adopted the newest member of our family, Kabo, a loving Chow Chow. We had the same issue of not knowing what to feed her. But, little did everyone know, there would be a sudden goodbye less than 3 years later when she passed away due to stomach cancer.

Kabo’s untimely passing led us into a frenzy of research trying to understand what factors affect the lifespan of a dog. After a few months, it became painfully evident that what we were putting in her bowl every day had one of the largest contributions to her passing. 

Kabo the company was founded to help dogs across Canada live better lives. For myself and Vijay, the concept of fresh human-grade dog food was the best way to accomplish our goal. Feeding your dogs a fresh food diet can help improve their quality of life, for a longer period of time.

Determined to make fresh food for dogs, so we created our own.

Today, we’re a small yet mighty team of dog lovers working to help dogs live healthier and happier lives.

Benefits of Human-Grade Fresh Food

1. Easy Digestion

Since our foods are gently cooked, they are easier to digest than typical dry kibble. With proper digestion, your dog will get the benefits of our fresh ingredients, each and every mealtime.

2. Extended Lifespan

Research shows that the continual inclusion of fresh food in your dog’s diet will aid in their logevity, up to 32 extra months vs. industrial canned dog food alone.

3. Highly Palatable

Dogs that try Kabo, love Kabo! Even the pickiest dogs succumb to the highly tasty fresh recipes Kabo offers. It tastes like human food because it’s made with the same ingredients and care.

4. Highly Nutritious

All varieties of Kabo meet and exceed AAFCO standards, meaning your dog will get balanced nutrition at any life stage. Recipes are formulated to provide vitamins, minerals and a proper balance of fats from functional ingredients.

We set out to create something different with Kabo by making fresh food that keeps both you and your dog in mind.

And just as important, I wanted you to be able to purchase Kabo without leaving your couch. So prepare for better care and nutrition for them, and no more hauling bags of dog food for you!

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