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Post-COVID-19 Study: 57% of Millennials Are Buying Dog Food Online for Safety

[Sept 8, 2020 - TORONTO, CA] — A new study by dog food delivery startup Kabo has revealed a shift to online dog food delivery, as Canadian dog owners settle into a new normal with their four-legged companions.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, 91% of Canadian dog owners purchased from traditional retail channels, such as pet stores and veterinary clinics, according to a consumer study of over 2,000+ respondents led by TapResearch.

After the outbreak, baby boomers reported a 55% increase in online shopping for their dog food. However, the largest shift was amongst millennial dog parents that had an 88% shift towards online purchasing.

“Both baby boomers and millennials are clearly interested in buying pet food online. The 33% difference suggests that online pet food retailers can do a better job guiding and supporting non-digital native generations to a better, safer, and more convenient shopping experience,” says Andrea Gieger, R&D Scientist and Nutritionist.

57% of millennials said they continue to choose to purchase their dog food online because of safety concerns, whereas baby boomers found convenience and safety equally important reasons for sticking to online dog food delivery. 

As the shift in online purchasing has occurred across generations for different reasons, the market has adapted to cater to these needs.

“Since the pandemic we've seen a similar shift in veterinary clinics and individual practices trying to add more options that cater to this new behaviour," said Dr. Suzee Camilleri, who has moved her veterinary consulting practice online since the onset of the pandemic.

While safety concerns continue to be on people’s minds, the survey also revealed pet parents in different provinces weighed factors differently:

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In more remote locations, such as Newfoundland and Labrador, 63% of residents found themselves going to grocery stores for their dog food since the pandemic.

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