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Did you know fresh diets are proven to ultimately support your dog’s happiness and health? Kabo personalizes your dog's every meal and delivers it straight to your door!

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Rated 4.9/5

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Kabo Fresh Dog Food vs. Big Country Raw


Human-grade meat and vegetables

Fresh, human-grade ingredients from trusted Canadian farms


10% off first box

20% off first box


Free over $99


Support at Every Life Stage


Pet parents are able to connect with Kabo’s in-house pet experts for consultations for free!

Exclusive Treats + Little Things


Members have exclusive access to activations, treats, and other little things including seasonal recipe drops.


Customized to your dog's calorie needs

Custom meal plans tailored to your dog’s breed, weight, age, activity level, and more.

Research & Development + Innovation


A dedicated Canadian in-house team to improving our offerings to better address and increase happiness for all pets.

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A Fresh and Nutritious Timesaver for Pet Parents

Did you know fresh diets are proven to ultimately support your dog’s happiness and health? Kabo personalizes your dog's every meal and delivers it straight to your door!

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Top 3 Benefits of feeding your dog

Kabo Fresh Food

It’s a time save

At Kabo, we take all the guesswork out for pet parents by calculating all your dog’s daily caloric needs and ensuring a balanced meal that abides by AAFCO standards.

Holistic pet ecosystem

We’ve created an ecosystem of pet products and services that don’t only benefit your pet's health, but their overall happiness as well.

Free pet expert support

We recognize transitioning your dog from one food to another is not always the easiest. That’s why we offer free support and calls with our in-house pet experts.

Top 3 Core Benefits of

Kabo vs Nutricanine

A timesave for pet parents

In this day and age, our pets have become a part of our family and as pet parents, we have no problem putting in a few more dollars to ensure that the treats, diets, and meals we’re feeding our pets are nothing below extraordinary.

At Kabo, all of the guesswork is taken out for you and we provide preportioned packs with daily caloric needs of your dog, shipped straight to your doorstep. All pet parents have to do is complete a short questionnaire that asks for information that allows us to personalize each meal for your dog specifically. Everything from age to activity level, to breed.

Similar to Kabo, Nutricanine personalizes meals based on information provided by pet parents in a short questionnaire. They’ve recently expanded their product line to include fresh recipes to appeal to other pet parents that don’t feed raw dog food.

Building a pet ecosystem for every life stage

Our dog’s health is something that pet parents no longer take lightly, they are a part of our pack and family! Ensuring your dog is eating properly and getting the right amount of exercise is definitely important, but as pet parents, we want to appeal to the little things, like their happiness!

We’ve created and built an ever-growing ecosystem of products and services that we think all pet parents should have when getting a dog! That way pet parents can feel supported throughout every life stage of their dog’s journey with us!

A sneak peek into some member-specific perks we have:

  1. Exclusive holiday roasts
  2. Seasonally exclusive treats
  3. Exclusive access to sales

Nutricanine does offer other products other than their cooked dog food. Nutricanine originally started off only offering raw food, but soon realized that raw isn’t for every dog. Similar to Kabo’s mission, they wanted to provide an opportunity for pet parents to feed their dog nutritious food, so they’ve officially expanded to cooked dog food.

While they don’t include little treats and addons within their orders to appeal to overall happiness while still maintaining health, it’s possible that they may have plans to expand their product line.

Free pet expert support and consultations

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diets. Similar to how different humans prefer different diets, some may prefer a vegetarian diet and some a protein dominant diet. It really depends on what kind of results you’re looking for.

Transition is no different. Some dogs may take the typical 7 days that we recommend, some may take a few weeks. It’s not to say that they don’t enjoy the diet or the diet isn’t working, they simply need some time to get their tummies adjusted.

Trying new things can be scary and that's why we’ve recruited the best of the best to join our team. Pet parents are able to connect with our in-house  pet health experts for any support or consultations needed.

There are currently no options for Nutricanine pet parents to connect with in-house vet health experts for support or consultations. If pet parents are looking for support, they could reach out to Nutricanine through social media or through email at info@nutricanine.ca

Want to start feeding fresh? Take 20% off your first box at Kabo and we’ll do the rest :)

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Our reviews are pawesome

Rated 4.9/5

Rated 4.9/5

“First of all, my dog LOVES Kabo. She is a very fussy eater but since we’ve started Kabo she licks her bowl clean. Also, we had an issue with one delivery and I contacted Kabo and within two days had another delivery. Excellent customer service! We highly recommend Kabo.”

Nancy — Ottawa

Just wanted to tell you that our pug loves her Kabo! She goes crazy when it’s breakfast and dinner time. Barking incessantly for her Kabo! The good news, she’s lost 3 lbs and looks so much healthier.

Sally — Vancouver

My boys love the food. Simply love it. But equally important is the customer service from the team is world class. Immediate attention and finding resolution.

Alfredo — Toronto

Our 10 month old Frenchie pup always waits till 10pm to eat her food - doesn't eat all day then eats at bedtime just because she realizes that's all that she is getting. We have been using Kabo toppers now for a few weeks and we mix it with her kibble and she eats everything! Licks her bowl clean. Her coat looks great. So happy we found Kabo!

Andy — Peterborough

Here’s what makes Kabo special

Customized For
Your Dog

At Kabo, we ask pet parents to fill out a short questionnaire about their dog and its specific needs or conditions. This ultimately helps us determine a suitable diet for your pet while keeping into account their lifestyle. Depending on the needs of your pup, we offer different human-grade proteins that appeal to even the pickiest eaters.

While Kabo places emphasis on customizing meal plans to dogs, Big Country Raw offers limited cooked options such as their cookhouse beef meatloaf, chicken meatloaf, pork meatloaf, and turkey meatloaf starting at $11.99. Although these portions are not tailored to your dog, Big Country Raw’s meatloaf is more of a “one diet fits all” type approach.

Providing Support at Every Growing Life Stage

With every subscription at Kabo, pet parents are able to connect with our in-house pet experts to help answer any questions you might have about our product or your pup.

Big Country Raw, while they offer customer service and are endorsed by certain clinics, doesn’t provide hands-on vet services to pair with their product. They do, however, have a full-time pet nutritionist to help formulate their diets.

Kabo’s fresh recipes are created in a human-grade kitchen without over-processing which meets AAFCO standards.

A Subscription-Based Company with Flexible Delivery

With the rise of adoption rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we know not all pet parents have the luxury or flexibility to make that “quick trip” to grab more dog food. That’s why we’ve made it easier for pet parents by allowing them to schedule their own delivery frequency with the flexibility of being able to pause and skip at any time.

Big Country Raw provides delivery to your doorstep but delivery is only offered on certain days of the week depending on where you are located. You’re able to check when shipping is offered for your location by heading to their website.

Five different fresh recipes to choose from

Each of our human-grade recipes are packed with fresh Canadian ingredients providing complete nutrition for your dog.

Savoury Beef

High in protein and grain free.

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Tender Chicken

Best for sensitive tummies.

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Lusious Lamb

Great option for dogs with protein allergies.

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Heart Turkey

Lean and antioxidant packed.

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Hypoallergenic Salmon

Best for sensitive tummies.

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Clean dog food with nothing to hide

Without any added fillers, byproducts or artificial flavourings, Kabo provides clean nutrition. We wouldn’t put anything in your dog's meal that we would not eat ourselves- period.

Protein-first Recipes

High-quality proteins are at the forefront of all our recipes — but not just any meat — real, human-grade meats from Canadian farms. 

Fiber and Carbohydrates

Canadian russet potato, long grain rice, squash, sweet potato and chickpeas are excellent sources of natural energy for your doggo, and provide the fiber needed for better digestive functioning.

Fruits and Vegetables

Red apple, carrots, green beans, kale, and spinach are packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential to your pupper's health.
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Our Trustpilot Reviews

Christine Pickrell, Jun 12, 2022

After 1 year my puppy decided he didn't like his vet prescribed dry dog food. I tried raw which he would't go near then a family member suggested I try Kabo. Our little Georgie went CRAZY for it. He sits while I prepare his bowl and just stares at me with anticipation. His bowel movements have been consistent now and he is one happy pup ! He also loves the mix of wet and kibble.

Liz, Mar 10, 2022

Prior to Kabo, I struggled to find the best food plan, including a raw diet, for my sweet, six year old havadoodle. The transition to Kabo was not as easy as I would have liked, but with support and encouragement from the Kabo team, it proved to be the best choice I’ve made for him so far. Dash now has a very healthy digestive system and solid, healthy bowel movements for the first time in two years. Our Vet was also very pleased with his improvements at his annual check up in February 2022.

Deirdre Riley, Mar 9, 2022

Ellie Mae is a very fussy dog. She also has an intolerance to some foods especially chicken. We started out with raw food…. However Ellie was always getting tummy upsets. Also I wasn’t sure of the nutritional balance and quality. When we switched to Kabo I spoke with the consulting dietary veterinarian. I felt confident that Ellie would be getting good nutrition. We usually get the duck kibble with the luscious lamb. But we are trying the salmon/turkey kibble with beef cooked. Neither gives her tummy upset and She happily eats all of it!

Crystal Toigo-Avila, Apr 20, 2021

We got our Boston terrier puppy in December, and he became VERY picky. He did not like traditional wet food, and he became really picky with his kibble. I was researching raw, and cooking for him myself, when I came across kabo. We tried out the fresh cooked meals and we were sold. He devours it. We now get the kibble and the cooked (50/50) and it is a perfect combo. We were at our wits end with him, and Kabo has saved us. Thank you! Ohtis loves his food now.