7 Reasons to Switch Your Dog to Fresh Food

Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan Up to 3 Years

When dogs are no longer put at risk for cancer, allergies, and the many other threats processed dog food diets pose, a healthier diet translates to more years together. Just like human diets, we know that better nutrition is the clearest path to a longer life!

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Save money with fewer trips to the vet

The rich vitamins that come from fresh vegetables (Vitamin A, C), and freshly-cooked meats (zinc), help keep your dog’s immune system up. Immune system maintenance helps your dog feel better every day, but it also means fewer trips to the vet. Dogs with chronic conditions such as allergies, skin irritation, or sensitive tummies also find relief on a fresh dog food diet (free of the artificial additives that cause these conditions) and report fewer costly vet visits (think of all the squeaky balls you could buy with the money you’ll save…).

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Less waste, and firmer stools

Many processed foods add an excessive amount of fiber, as fiber sources are often cheaper ingredients (basically any non-protein sources supply fiber). While fiber is important, the truth is, you can have too much of a good thing…At a certain point, too much fiber means your dog’s body is too busy breaking it down to absorb other nutrients from the food. In the long-run, this may lead to colon cancer or other digestive tract-related illnesses. With a balanced fresh diet, fiber only comes from natural sources and never reaches the dangerous 10% crude fiber ranges of processed foods. This means your dog can actually use more of what they are eating; less of the food simply passes through. On a fresh dog food diet, your pet’s stools will appear smaller, and firmer! Making pick-up time a bit easier…

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More energy

Over-processed diets (such as kibble, packaged wet food, freeze-dried) can be hard for a dog’s digestive system to truly break down and glean nutrients from, which means a lot of food goes in one end and out the other. Fresh ingredients are more digestible, which enables your dog’s body to absorb more energy from the food they’re eating. This gives your dog more readily available energy to use when needed. You’ll notice a perkier pup with more endurance for longer walks, hikes, and play time at the park!

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Whole Simple Ingredients Approved by Vets

Fresh food diets don’t include additives like food coloring, xanthan gum, or BHT. Never wonder what’s in your dog food again– see whole ingredients, that are 100% fresh, and feel comfortable knowing that no artificial ingredients, preservatives, chemicals, or fillers are in your dog’s bowl. Perhaps the peace of mind is the greatest benefit of all!

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Shinier coat

Healthy oils are an essential part of any fresh dog food diet, and these fats quickly turn a dull coat glossy. Fresh dog food diets such as Kabo contain a blend of oils that have many health benefits, with a shiny, soft coat simply being a positive side effect!

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Allergy Relief and Skin Condition

If your dog suffers from allergies or any type of skin condition, you’ve likely heard fresh food pitched as a natural remedy. Nutrients such as zinc, B Vitamins, and fatty acids present in fresh dog food diets help soothe and treat many skin conditions in dogs, and are far more powerful when pulled from whole ingredients, rather than simply supplied as synthetic supplements added to another type of diet. This benefit can typically be seen in as little as a month on a fresh dog food diet!

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