3 Benefits to Feeding a Fresh Kibble Diet to your Dog

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Not all kibble is created equally

It shouldn’t be a challenge for you to find the best kibble for your pup. You never know what’s going into each bag, where it comes from, or if it’s a good fit for your dog - and that’s where Kabo comes in.


Quality ingredients you can pronounce

Your typical grocery store dry dog food is chalk full of artificial colours, flavours, and by-products. Do you know what the first ingredient in our Fresh Chicken Kibble is? You guessed it - chicken!

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Know where your ingredients are from

Never have to worry about where your kibble comes from again! Unlike typical multinational pet food brands, every bag of Kabo Fresh Kibble is made right here in Canada using only locally sourced ingredients, so you know that you’re only feeding your pup the highest quality kibble.

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Kabo gently cooked chicken recipe displayed next to bag of Kabo kibble with bowls of the chicken meal, kibble, and the beef meal

Pet owners say their dog has never been happier or healthier

We get it - trying something new can be frightening! But we’re so doggone sure you and your pup will never go back to normal kibble after trying Kabo Fresh Kibble, that now you can make the switch with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Male dog owner taking out savoury beef meals out of his Kabo delivery box

It’s time to try Kabo fresh kibble!

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